sight fishing mastery school

Sight Fishing Mastery School

By taking this course, you will learn all the tackle and equipment you need plus the knowledge required to properly use them.

Additionally, you will learn years’ worth of sight fishing knowledge, to include how to safely navigate through shallow marsh, where to find redfish, and how best to catch them.

All these things will save you time, money and effort, so you go straight to having fun!

Course Information

Estimated Time: One Week


Course Instructor

Captain Devin Captain Devin Chief Instructor

Devin is a veteran of the Iraq War and former fishing guide. He founded Louisiana Fishing Blog in 2012 to share his ideas as a charter captain and still writes in it today. Since then he’s created a fishing university called LAFB Elite where he hosts courses teaching inshore anglers his knowledge of fishing Louisiana’s coast.

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The Quarry

Boat Size Isn’t as Important as You Think



Setup Your Boat

Planning to Catch Redfish

Finding Redfish

Catching Redfish

All Those Important Details

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  • David Groner says:

    I have fished the coast and Gulf all my life, I’m 63 yrs old, with a camp at Dularge for 25 yrs and after watching your courses I realize how much I didn’t know and how I have missed out on some great sight fishing opportunities as well as spec trout techniques. My nephew and his friends are all 30 ish and avid fishermen , but could all benefit from your courses.
    Sitting here at the camp waiting for LSU to play I was thinking what if you conducted a hands on seminar on sight fishing for reds here at my camp? We can easily sleep 12 people , six boats. Charge a fee per person for the course. Class Friday night , fish in the am and recap after lunch.
    Regardless, thanks for what you are doing to encourage recreational fishing.

    • Hey David, I’m glad you’re here and took time to introduce yourself.

      One of the things I love about fishing is that there’s always something to learn and every once in awhile you’ll find that knowledge bomb that makes you go “aha!” and you wish you had known it years ago.


      I live for those moments.

      Anyway, it’s really tough for me to do seminars and guided fishing trips because I just don’t have the time for it and they don’t fit into what I do with LAFB.

      I know that it seems like a seminar is a good learning tool, and it is.

      It just doesn’t hold a candle to what this website can do. In every respect LAFB outperforms in-person teaching.

      Trust me, I’ve done a lot of seminars, and my first one was in the Super Dome!

      But what you’re proposing is something that’s been mentioned before and goes beyond a traditional seminar and is something I’ve considered.

      If/when it comes down to it I will be certain to keep you in mind and maybe we can make something awesome happen!

      Tight lines, David.

  • CHA says:

    It provided very good information, in a well laid out format. I have been fishing the MIssissippi Gulf Coast for 50 years and I learned that I was not approaching sight fishing properly.
    The approach to presenting baits. What to do to not spook Red Fish.
    Boating safety and courtesy on the water. I liked that you stress this in your courses.
    I liked how you segmented your approach to providing clear and concise information.
    Very little, I think you could have provided some additional video on actual sight fishing experiences.
    video on actual sight fishing
    Yes, I think this course was time well spent.
    Yes you can. This is the second course that I could not submit comments through the comments link.
    Thanks Chester

  • BD108 says:

    Great course.

    I mainly focus on one area and apply your course. I am curious though because we have some many different areas to fish within close driving range. Ie Hopedale/Reggio, Biloxi marsh, Myrtle Grove/ Port Sulfur. Would some of these general area be better for sight fishing during different seasons or weather patterns. I’m always debating on whether to try a different area even though I’m always discovery new things out about my go to area