Google Earth – Sorting “Good” Ponds From “Bad” Ponds

In this lesson I am assuming you are already well-versed in the operation of Google Earth and its historical time slider.

If not, then you need to stop and go back to the foundation of inshore fishing, Inshore Fishing 101, and complete this section.

Also, it is very important to point out that we are using Google Earth on a desktop (or laptop).

NOT Google Maps (on a computer or phone).

NOT Google Earth on a smartphone (it’s not as powerful as what’s on the desktop).

Here are the reasons why.

  • Melissa says:

    Learning this to scout. I find it good.

  • keithbru says:

    @11 mins – that’s great info! I got the concept but was always a little unclear about applying the stair step analogy you have for winter fishing, now it makes sense!

  • 19reuben80 says:

    Hi Devin, I can’t find a link for google earth. It keeps giving me a link for pro. If I try to search anything the app crashes. This in on a mac