The quickest path to catching specks and reds in Louisiana

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Unlock These Courses

Inshore Fishing 101

Inshore Fishing 101

The foundational knowledge used by fishing guides and avid anglers to catch limits of speckled trout and redfish.

Discover these time-tested techniques and what tackle works. Find biting fish and know what to do when the fishing gets tough.

Inshore Fishing 201

Advanced angling to catch fish where conventional methods fail

I show you how to master casting tackle and artificial lures to achieve presentations big speckled trout and personal-best redfish cannot resist.

Sight Fishing

Mastery School

The skills and knowledge you need to locate, see and catch redfish in crystal-clear water.

This course will change how you fish and, honestly, you may never fish in any other way once you do!

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Inshore Fishing Webinars

Live presentations on inshore fishing know-how with a question and answer session at the end.

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webinar my favorite swimbaits

Seminar Playback

Attending a seminar requires a ticket and the hassle of travel.

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End Frustrating Fishing Trips!

See Exactly Where and How to Fish

My fishing trips are recorded, so you can see how to locate and catch fish, in all conditions.

They are organized into three steps:

  • Planning Phase
  • The Fishing Trip
  • Post Trip Review
Step 1: Planning Phase

Join me as I look over the conditions and decide where to go.

Plus, you see each spot that is picked and why.

This way you learn how to plan a great fishing trip!

Step 2: The Fishing Trip

Each spot is recorded so you can see how I fish them.

You'll see how to position the boat, cast to fish, change lure colors, know when to leave a spot and more!

Step 3: Post Trip Review

This is where it's at!

The days GPS tracks are uploaded to Google Earth, so you can see everywhere I went and what happened at each spot.

The experience gained is transferred directly to you!

Watch a limit of trout being caught, but only members get to see where and how it was done.

Get the Right Answers

Each module inside LAFB Elite uses integrated commenting so you can ask questions to get the answer you are looking for. 

In fact, this page has one, too. Just scroll to the bottom and ask me anything about LAFB Elite.

Louisiana Specific Knowledge

Louisiana's inshore waters are unique, and catching fish across her coast requires expertise only a native could possess.

I'm from Louisiana, and have fished all over her coast, to include guiding clients in the marsh and competing in redfish tournaments.

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What Members Are Saying

Richard Prejean

Well designed program.

I have been fishing for sometime but always with other people or guides. I just recently bought a boat and now I really need to learn how to fish.

Inshore Fishing 101 was great and I look forward to finishing Inshore Fishing 201!

Trevor Michel Avid Fisherman

Will Hold This Knowledge Forever

Devin, just wanted to stop in and say that you did an incredible job with this, every single question that popped up in my head as I made my way through Inshore Fishing 101 was answered by you in the lessons. I can not begin to count the questions I had coming into this experience. I've fished since I was a kid, but was never taught the correct way to do a lot of things. So, awesome job taking the time to explain things in a way that no one else can. I will hold this knowledge forever and I thank you for being an awesome teacher.


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