Apps I Use and How I Use Them

Weather Bug

Used to see cloud cover, rainfall and lightning strikes.


Best wind prediction app I have used so far.

NOAA Buoy Data

For quick reference of water levels (or any data NOAA stations observe)

I also use this for predicted tide.

Just tap “Tide Stations” in the menu and select where you are fishing on the map.

  • jirogers says:

    Very useful info as always. Technology keeps impressing

  • Jeffery VeZain says:

    Or are you using the free app version?

  • Paul Cummins says:

    Helpful tip when using my Iphone; I put all my fishing forecast data/information in one folder on my phone. All you have to do is press and hold the app until it starts to wiggle, then drag and drop it onto another app. It will create a folder that you can label, then just add additional apps to that folder that pertain just to fishing. It keeps things more organized and easier to locate.