• Scott Kor says:

    Devin, thanks for the tip on managing expectations. When I level with my buddies and tell them that I’m not sure how well we will do on our fishing trip, and then we catch fish, they are really happy.

    On the other hand, it doesn’t work so well on dates. I tried to use your example, but when I tell a date that they should know that I think about fishing 24/7, it doesn’t make a great first impression. When I tell them that should we get serious, and I am asked to do something like attend a wedding with her, I might force myself to go, but honestly, I would rather be jerking trout out of a bayou, I get these really tight lipped looks. When I am asked about things like what I see myself doing in the next 20 years, and I say saving up for a nicer skiff and living out of my camper shell while I tow my boat from Louisiana to the keys, I get these looks like, she is ready to leave. Am I doing this wrong?