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Inshore fishing knowledge is the #1 thing that catches speckled trout and redfish. Tired of frustrating fishing trips? Just want to up your game? Our courses and seminars have helped thousands of inshore anglers get results, and will help you, too.

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Everything you need to know to go on awesome fishing trips and save money on tackle and equipment.

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Complete Inshore Fishing Courses

Inshore Fishing 101

This foundational knowledge used by fishing guides and avid anglers to catch limits of speckled trout and redfish.

Discover these time-tested techniques and what tackle works. Find biting fish and know what to do when the fishing gets tough.

Inshore Fishing 201

Inshore Fishing 201 builds upon the foundation of Inshore Fishing 101.

Anglers learn the advanced skills and knowledge to catch fish in scenarios where conventional methods fail.

Sight Fishing Mastery School

Sight Fishing Mastery School gives you the skills and knowledge you need to locate, see and catch redfish in crystal-clear water.

This course will change how you fish and, honestly, you may never fish in any other way once you do!

Advanced Inshore Navigation

Though it's often overlooked, safely navigating the marsh is a critical component to your fishing trip.

With this course, you'll learn how to identify safe routes and steer clear of underwater hazards.

Stop wasting time digging through YouTube!

You don't have a lot of time, so all the inshore fishing know-how you need is neatly arranged in a format you can watch anytime, anywhere from your favorite device. Course and lesson completion lets you track your progress, so you can pick up right where you left off!

Learn Where & How To Fish For Specks & Reds on Louisiana's Coast

With LAFB Elite you get access to the knowledge and support you need to find your own fish, completely from scratch.

1. Learn How

Inside Inshore Fishing 101 you will gain an understanding of the marsh, to include how to judge the conditions and determine the best place to go fishing.

The accompanying Seasonal Courses for each season of the year build upon this.

2. Get Feedback

You don't have to do this by yourself!

Join like-minded anglers inside the LAFB Elite Community to get feedback on your fishing trip planning, and where you should cast a line for best results.

No social media required!

3. Rinse & Repeat

The inshore anglers who have found success, who consistently catch fish, are the ones who have taken time to learn the process taught inside courses like Inshore Fishing 101, and taken time to post fishing reports and get feedback from other members.

You will achieve the same transformation when you join LAFB Elite and apply yourself.

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  • Save $36
  • Inshore Fishing 101
  • Inshore Fishing 201
  • Sight Fishing Mastery School
  • All Fishing Trip Reviews
  • Webinar Playbacks
  • Seminar Recordings
  • Buying Guides
  • Member Only Discounts
  • Instructor Support
  • Private Facebook Group

What You'll Get

  • Inshore Fishing 101
  • Inshore Fishing 201
  • Sight Fishing Mastery School
  • All Fishing Trip Reviews
  • Webinar Playbacks
  • Seminar Recordings
  • Buying Guides
  • Member Only Discounts
  • Instructor Support
  • Private Facebook Group

Get Started With Elements of Effective Fishing

Not catching fish when everyone else is?

Chances are you're on fish but not catching them due to simple mistakes. These are easy to fix once you understand the key fishing techniques this free course will teach you.

What Anglers Are Saying

“Great Fishing Trip Made Possible”


A great fishing trip was possible because of being an LAFB Elite member, I’ve learned so much about trout fishing from Captain Devin, and as someone has already said, the discounts alone pay for the membership!

But the knowledge is priceless, Devin is so right, “Fish like to be comfortable, find the things they like and you will find the fish!”

Willie Brown III - Louisiana Native

“Well designed program.”


I have been fishing for sometime but always with other people or guides. I just recently bought a boat and now I really need to learn how to fish.

Inshore Fishing 101 was great and I look forward to finishing Inshore Fishing 201!

Richard Prejean

“A Wealth of Knowledge”


Sign up for Captain Devin's LAFB Elite and he will show you how to safely navigate the waters using Google Earth. He has tons of courses, webinars, etc. to teach you everything you need to know about inshore fishing. It's a wealth of knowledge for very little money!

Jason Blanchard - Maintenance Technician

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! You can take my free course, Elements of Effective Fishing. Look above for the link to it.

How long will these prices last?

As our site is updated, the cost of membership rises, but current members don't have to pay more when it does. So the time to join is now!

Can I see a list of all your courses?

Yes, just select "Courses" in the menu. There are foundational courses like Inshore Fishing 101, then the seasonal courses, as well as seminar recordings and other courses covering things like GPS electronics and finding fish.

Can I download or embed your videos?

All course content is only available on this site, but you can view them on any device, not just a desktop computer.

Isn't this just for beginners?

Absolutely not.

There's something for everyone here, regardless of their experience level. Besides, when you stop learning, you stop having fun.

Does this apply only to Louisiana?

Louisiana's coast is unique and successful fishing calls for unique strategy and technique. But many skills and knowledge you'll find here translate to other geographical locations, and what you learn here may give you an edge in your own area.

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