Understanding the Approach (What is it?)

The #1 Reason Redfish Don’t Bite is a Bad Approach

What is an approach? 

This is how we close the distance with redfish in such a manner that we do not spook them and are setup to make the best possible sight cast to the redfish.

Sight fishing with other anglers has given me the opportunity to learn and critique how redfish are approached.

Florida anglers are awesome at being stealthy and I learned from several of them.

I have also learned a lot from Louisiana anglers! And I have also had the opportunity to sight fish with other anglers, in their boats, seeing how they conduct business.

The number one reason anglers can’t get redfish to bite is because their approaches aren’t that great.

Go on to learn what the three elements of a great approach are.

  • Daniel Clawson says:

    I have located some of the world’s dumbest redfish….