My Favorite Lures to Use

I use these lures, but that does mean they are the only ones I use.

There are literally hundreds of different lures you can use to sight fish redfish with!

I’m just showing these so you have an idea as what to use. You should explore different brands and styles to discover what you like the most for YOU.

Lures displayed in video:

  • Strike King Rage Shad
  • Big Bite Baits Craws (but I use Matrix Craws)
  • Matrix Shad
  • Big Bite Baits Suicide Shad (replaced the Super Shad)
  • V&M Thunder Shad Jr
  • Adam Pelletier says:

    Hey Devin, I fish quite a bit along the coast in between big lake and the Atchafalaya delta so I see a lot of dirty water. I’ve been implementing your advice and using spinnerbaits with little to no success. The vast majority of my success has been using gulp shrimp (white/chartruese) under a popping cork. I’m not giving up on the spinnerbaits but I just want to make sure that for dirty water I should continue to use a spinnerbait in lieu of a creature style swim bait. Thanks!

    • Hey Adam, I hear you loud and clear.

      Look, the coast between Big Lake and the Atchafalaya is not the only part of Louisiana with tons of “dirty” water.

      Yes, I feel a spinnerbait is good for such conditions, especially one equipped with a Colorado blade.

      However, a swimbait works, too.

      It really depends on what’s going on and at the end of the day the fish will make the decision for you.

      The swimbait won’t get hung up on thick grass, whereas the spinnerbait will.

      I think the key is to be ready to throw both.