Locate Summertime Speckled Trout & Redfish

The hardest part of any fishing trip is finding biting fish in the first place. That’s what this course, Summer Fish Location, focuses on in order to help you enjoy successful and safe fishing trips on Louisiana’s coast.

In this course we focus on two species, speckled trout and redfish, detailing their biology and behavioral pattern according to summer’s conditions.

Building on that knowledge and understanding, we then dive into where exactly it is we can find these fish and what strategy works best to zero in on their location.

Course Instructor

Captain Devin Captain Devin Author

Devin is a veteran of the Iraq War and former fishing guide. He founded Louisiana Fishing Blog in 2012 to share his ideas as a charter captain and still writes in it today. Since then he’s created a fishing university called LAFB Elite where he hosts courses teaching inshore anglers his knowledge of fishing Louisiana’s coast.

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  • Shell Mound Al says:

    Capt. Devin, I am enjoying your coures but due to an emergency operation I have not beeen on the water for the past 2 weeks. I look forward to getting back to the fish and trying out some of your lessons.

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