How I Build My Gold Spoons

Gold spoons are a staple for catching redfish, but they don’t always perform best out of the box. In this webinar we address those performance issues and how to fix them.

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Tackle List

  • Johnson Sprite Gold Spoon (any size)
  • Split Ring Pliers
  • Eagle Claw Size 4 Split Rings
  • Size 5 Barrel Swivel
  • Your Choice of Treble Hook (ensure the width of the treble hook is slightly less than that of the spoon)

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Course Instructor

CaptainDevin Chief Instructor

Devin is a lifelong inshore angler who has fished for everything from speckled trout to redfish, flounder, bass, tripletail and more across Louisiana’s coast. He is the Chief Instructor for LAFB Elite, and you can find his fishing reports inside the Community, and use the comments section for assistance on individual lessons.

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Course Information