What is LAFB?

  • Bernie Deschamp says:

    USMC (CWO3 Ret. 78-98)

  • Robert Moseley says:

    Slidell area here cap. Nice to be apart of the group. Lake P area and the GI area.

  • Rob Richardson says:

    I currently live in Athens Tx. I grew up fishing on Lake Tawakoni here and started going offshore fishing with my dad when I was 6. I’ve been going offshore out of Galveston for basically 49 years. I started fishing in south Louisiana inshore about 6 years ago and just love it. Fish the Houma, Montegut & Cocodrie areas.

  • Dean Fitzgerald says:

    Semper Fi, my brother

  • Jim.Wilks says:

    Good to know

  • AyosPro says:

    Don’t feel bad you are not alone. Even though I own a landscape company in Baton Rouge and have many tasks during my day…My mind is constantly on fishing! Whether it’s fishing the island, Beaches or being in the marsh, the sheer beauty of Louisiana’s coastline consumes my thoughts

  • Mark A. Cartwright says:

    Is the text below the video a transcript of the video?

  • Ray Derrickson says:

    The fish blog is a great resource, continuously updated, and packed full of useful information.