• Nick Sapienza says:

    So can you fish the tideline by itself and not have to worry about structure below? or do you need both for it to be conducive?

    • Hey Nick, my apologies for getting back to you so late, somehow this comment snuck past me.

      Okay, let’s jump into this.

      First off, I’m not sure what you are referring to as “structure”.

      “Structure” is defined as being how a body of water is shaped.

      A creek is shaped differently from a lagoon, for example.

      Some shorelines can be sloped, some can drop off.

      They’re “structured” differently.

      “Cover” are items on structure, such as wooden pilings, grass mats, fallen trees, rock piles, etc.

      As for where to fish the tideline….well that question comes up a lot.

      Maybe you’ve seen others asking a similar thing in other comments.

      Well, the bottom line is this: it is up to YOU to get out there and cast around to discover that information.

      You were absolutely correct thinking that there could be something else in the water, such as a uniquely structured bottom or piece of cover, that the fish could relate to.

      And it could be anything, or nothing at all.

      There is no way to know until you go look.

      The idea is to identify as many of these tidelines as you can and run all of ’em for your fishing trip.

      THAT is the juice to cutting down on unproductive water and closing in on catching limits!

  • Jay Wiley says:

    I understand the concept. If yhe majority of fish are on tge highways, why would anyone fish anything other than highways for trout?

  • Jay Wiley says:

    I’ve seen dolphins feeding in the “highway” tidelines in big passes. Are they a good sign for fishing?

    • Jay, they sure aren’t!

      Even if they are feeding on speckled trout, the last thing a trout will do is a bite a line when he is running for his life from dolphins.

      I know a lotta folks think dolphins are cute, but I can’t stand them.

      Avoid them like the plague.

  • Ricardo Perez says:

    Know it’s all coming together …

  • Jacob Poulsen says:

    Which side of tideline do you fish ?