Planning 8-2-19 Lafitte & Grand Isle

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  • Andrew Case says:

    It was really cool to see that historical overlay onto current spots!

  • FERNANDO Le says:

    Wassup Devin, I’m new to fishing and I was wondering what’s a good tide on the windfinder to fish and to stay away from? You said you had a 1.3 rising tide, but is that 1’3″ in feet? Idk how to calculate tide.

    • Hey Fernando, I just got done updating an article over at LAFB detailing this very thing.

      Before you check it out I must tell you that’s it one hell of a read, but what’s in it is pure gold and the real deal.

      With that said, there’s so much more that goes into a fishing trip besides tide, so many variables.

      That’s why I have these Fishing Trip Reviews, so you can watch the Planning Video and see what those variables are and how to fish accordingly.

      Tight lines!

    • I see I forgot to answer your other question.

      When you see a tide range of 1.3ft, you are not looking at 1’3″ but exactly 1.3ft or, 1 foot and 3.6″.

  • drewbear9128043 says:

    It gives me confidence as you describe the Highway going through Bay Wilkinson and Bay Che Fluer. I call it Four Island Pass. Those are my grounds, and I thought the same thing in my map study. The luck I do have is always up in there. Thanks, Devin. It’s good to get confirmation from your teacher that you are getting the concepts.

  • wil says:

    That’s one GIANT glass of Tito’s you got there!