Miscellaneous Tackle

It doesn’t stop with rods and reels!

There are other things you will need or at least find convenient to have. These items include:

Pair of Pliers

You want pliers for removing hooks from fish (and hopefully not anything else). Pliers with interchangeable blades, such as the pair shown below, are useful for cutting braided line.

Measuring Board

You have to measure fish to ensure they are of a legal length. It doesn’t have to be as fancy as a measuring board, a sticker on the deck of the boat works fine, too.


Save yourself from getting stuck by a hardhead catfish! A flipper is a great tool for removing a hook from the fish without touching the fish. This is key when dealing with trash fish like hardheads, which have venomous barbs in their dorsal and pectoral fins.

A Good Landing Net

Landing nets made from conventional mesh can get tangled on the fish, hooks and fishing line. A rubber net tends to do better in landing the fish and keeping them from getting tangling and slowing down your rhythm.

  • Chase Thibodaux says:

    Lawdy, Lawdy…… I’m lovin’ this course! Lots to take in. So glad I can watch over and over. Thanks Devin!

  • rjbelljr says:

    I need a shopping list for a guy just starting to fish inshore LA. I.e., what do you wish you’d bought right off the bat without wasting cash on stuff you rarely use?
    – St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rod (TRS70MF)
    – DUCE Saltwater Series Spinning Rod (EMS7)
    …or should I get one of the above and something else?

    – Abu Garcia Black Max Size 30 (BMAXSP30),
    – Shimano Sedona 3000 (SEC3000FE)
    Abu Garcia Reo Inshore Size 35 (REVO2INS30)
    …or should I just get 2 of the above or one of the above and something else to pair with the two rods?

    What mix of mono, flouro, and braided line weights and brands should I get for my two rod/reel rigs?

    When is artificial more conducive than live?
    – Matrix Shad Lemonhead, Green Hornet, Purple, and Ultra-violet
    – Burkley Gulp 3″ New Penny & Sugar Hill Spice shrimp
    – Jig heads in 1/16, 1/8, and 1/2oz.; any other weights?
    – Straight “J” hook for Burkley shrimp (1/0?)
    – Kale hooks in 1/0 and 2/0
    – Egg sinkers…what weights? How do I cast a Carolina rig; is that on a later episode?
    – Clip-on Egg Popping Cork…what makes it “popping?”…red only, or another color for other conditions?
    – Swivels…what sizes?
    – 3-way swivels…what sizes?
    – Bank sinker 1/2oz. (any other weights?)
    – Matrix float
    – Any updates to rods, reels, etc. since you published this?
    – Should I fish one rod at a time, or should I have a couple in the rod holders while I work one?
    – What brand/model pliers are those?
    – Flipper: what is that called on Amazon? How do I use that?
    – One must-have scent (I can’t believe that anise or garlic are effective for fish)
    – Rubber landing net…”Rosemeijor?” what size?
    – I’m in a 23′ cuddy cabin with a swim step. I fish off the back and the bow. The front anchor on the front with rode is difficult to put out. I got a 3-prong folding anchor with rope and no rode, so of course it drug in the high winds on the 7th and 8th. I don’t think one of those spear-type anchors is going to work on my boat.
    – I’m also not sure a trolling motor is going to work either. Alternatives in terms of technique or hardware?
    – I use a large Bait Saver tank, and the one time I found a shrimp boat, it worked well with some cold packs.
    – What else?

    • Okay, I’m kinda confused because you’re just repeating what I recommended, and honestly, you’re making my head spin because you’re all over the place. lol

      So let’s keep this as simple as possible, and this is why: Giving yourself too many options with tackle is going to leave you with too many decisions to make that will waste too much of your time and take away from what you need to be doing, which is CASTING and COVERING WATER.

      This is what you need to get:

      Get two TRS70MF spinning rods (or any 7′ medium power, fast action rod)
      two Shimano Sedona 3000 spinning reels
      a 200 yard spool of 20lb test Power Pro braided line
      a spool of monofilament to use as a backer and leader line
      jigheads and egg sinkers in 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2oz
      a pack of 1/0 khale hooks
      Chartreuse and purple 3″ soft plastics (could be sparkle beetles, could be Matrix Shad, doesn’t really matter)
      Berkley Gulp 3″ New Penny & Sugar Hill Spice Shrimp
      Clip on Popping Corks (Popping is just a term, color is up to you)
      Size 5 barrel swivels
      ForEverLast G2 Pliers
      catfish flipper (you may have to source this locally, I have no idea what it’s called on Amazon)
      rubber landing net that’s at least 24″ wide

      If it wasn’t included in the above list, then forget it. It’s too much BS for now.

      This is because what REALLY MATTERS is FINDING FISH.

      It does not matter what scent or color you use if you’re not on fish.

      Find a good bite, and it really won’t matter what you throw in the water.

      Advanced tackle, techniques and all that other crap isn’t going to help you if you don’t focus on finding fish.

      Catching fish is the only way to build confidence, right?

      To answer your other questions:

      Yes, fish do bite things scented with garlic and anise. All. Day. Long.

      No updates. A medium fast rod is a medium fast rod and a 3000 size reel is a 3000 size reel.

      Look, you asked me about your boat, so I’m gonna give it to you straight.

      A cuddy cabin is one of the last designs I’d ever to fish Louisiana’s marsh.

      It’s heavy, drafts a lot, has a huge wind profile, can’t use a trolling motor, etc.

      Honestly, that boat is going to hurt you more than it’s going to help.

      Being able to position your boat in the right spot is key, and not being able to anchor is a huge no-go.

      If I recall correctly from another comment, you don’t trailer this boat and have it stored at Sea Brook.

      Lake Pontchartrain is a tough lake to fish, and the area your boat has access to, at best, yields decent fishing seasonally, mostly during the fall, if at all.

      You really want to be fishing an area like Hopedale, because it’s more productive, but also because you have more water that’s protected from the wind.

      After that, my advice to you is to SLOW DOWN.

      Sloooowwww. Down.

      There’s a lot to learn and digest, and you’re not gonna learn and digest it all in one shot.

      A lot of questions you’re asking will be answered in the following lessons, just be patient, take your time and get through the course.

      Just be sure to write down the questions that do crop up and ASK THEM if they’re answered by the time you finish the course.

      Otherwise, I know you’re new-ish to Louisiana and are tired of frustrating fishing trips. But I sense you have the desire to fish hard and learn as much as you can, so all I can say is that success is not far away from you.

  • Joseph McGee says:

    Very good class

  • Benjamin Caplan says:

    If you use a sticker to measure, I highly recommend you replace it every year. They will shrink! My buddy’s was a full half inch shorter at the 12 inch mark. I use a folding board with a flip piece at one end. Fits in the tackle box and can measure up to 24 inches

  • Chad Brouillette says:

    Do you find that the catfish flipper works with kale hooks and any special techniques for dehooking stingrays?

  • Matt Wolkenberg says:

    Devin, you just made my day with the landing net. I use a net that is rubberized mesh. It’s not rubber like you show or like fly fisherman use, and let me tell you, it sucks. When dealing with a slot or bigger redfish and you’ve got little room to operate and you’ve got to untangle a jighead in addition to everything else necessary to get the fish on the stringer, it’s maddening. Will be getting a better net ASAP!