• skunked says:

    not seeing the noaa link?

  • Michael Schultz says:

    What good does this do if you cannot get a recent photo? Don’t the tidal lines change like the land mass?

    • It does a ton of good and I’ll explain why:

      Yes, things do change over time, but not so much that you’re no longer in the ball park.

      Fish behavior and weather is a pattern, one that has repeated itself every year since long before Louisiana had its name.

      You can use the tidelines you see on the historical time slider eliminate unproductive water and zero in on money fishing spots.

      I’ve done it for years.

      Besides, even if you could have an image from yesterday or last week the odds of it being clear enough to see the water in the first place aren’t that great.

      It’s better to go off patterns.

      The day the sun stops rising, the moon leaves its orbit around Earth, is the day these patterns will stop working.

  • Justin Price says:

    Mr. Devin,

    is it possible to determine the tide if it is falling or rising by the wind direction?

  • Leo Damaris says:

    On my google map, the date is. 3/21/19, is that the most recent date available?

    • Yes, it is.

      That’s actually pretty darned recent as far as high-res sat imagery goes.

      I know it doesn’t seem like it’s very recent, but it is, and it’s plenty more than what you need to plan.

      Thanks for commenting, and please be sure to do so again anytime you have a question.

      Tight lines!

  • ScottW says:

    Devin, there is a pick list to change the GMT default time zone to LST/LDT time zone (local standard time or local daylight time). Worth a note.

  • Kenneth Sehon says:

    What do the Louisiana Sportsman tide charts go off of? Do they use the same buoys? That’s what I’ve always kind of peaked at when looking at tides. Just wanted to get your thoughts on whether LA sportsman tides charts were also a good tool. I figure you prefer NOAA because it shows actual versus predicted. Great course by the way!!

    • I have no idea what LASM goes off because I don’t use LASM.

      Today I use Windfinder because it’s quick and all I really need to know is the trend for that day.

      Go back to the section titled “Understanding How and Why the Water Moves”.

      THAT is the juice!

      THAT is where it’s at.

      I’m telling you now (I can get pretty pumped about this specific thing) that you should take tide charts and toss them out the window.

      Stop looking at them. They’re garbage. They’re screwing your fishing trips because they’re only ONE part of the overall picture.

      What’s far more important is knowing the ENTIRE picture, which mostly includes wind, but also understanding how water moves through spaces.

      I do not give a rat’s behind at what specific minute the tide is supposed to turn, or be low or whatever.

      If you use what’s in that section you will ALWAYS be on moving water.

    • Also, thank you for the kind words, I appreciate that, Kenneth!