Impediments to Navigation

  • Nicholas Bradley says:

    Man, I’m three days in and the amount of information you supply is immense. I feel like I don’t remember the first few lessons! Definitely a great resource to come back to and freshen up on. I love the way the course is organized so you can find what you need to know easily after-the-fact.

    • Hey Nicholas, thanks for the kind words. It’s a lot to take in, but makes sense because there’s so much to know about inshore fishing, to be honest.

      Thanks for commenting, and don’t hesitate to enrich the course material by asking questions in the comments whenever you feel the need.

      Tight lines!

  • Robert Sullivant says:

    Looked up the property that you said ‘had it going on’ as I was curious to who would build that way out there. Apache oil co owns the land. A big chunk of it.