• Aaron says:

    Hi Captain Devin, My name is Aaron and my family and I now live in Covington. I didn’t grow up fishing myself. Parents split young and my father and I didn’t reconnect until just a few years before his passing. It was his passion though and he hit bass tournaments in TN and all over. I was left with some rods and reels, loose tackle and a bunch of old stories he would tell. Wanted to learn something new even if I am not anymore. I started going pier and bank fishing knowing nothing and catching nothing so I turned to YouTube. You sir have the easiest to follow, best put together, instructor style videos I have watched. I may not be able to hit the open water just yet but I am excited to learn everything I can. From someone who was not born here, Louisiana has been amazing to see, beautiful waters and the fishing community I have met both at the lake and in the stores have been the most helpful, laid back people I have met anywhere! Here’s to teaching old dogs new tricks! Thanks for doing this!

  • PHenning says:

    Hi Devin, glad to have discovered you and your business. My goal is to provide EXCELLENT fishing trips for my 12- and 15-year-old sons. I live in Mandeville and have fished some before we had kids. Largely depended on blind luck. I hope to give myself better odds arming myself with your content. Thank you.

    • Hey Paul, you’re in the right place. Be sure to check the comments section as there are good conversations to be found on more than a few lessons. As always, don’t hesitate to ask any questions of your own.

  • Bdjackson says:

    Hey Captain Devin! Moved here in 2020 with the Coast Guard and have had the hardest time shifting away from northern bass fisheries to inshore fishing and I think its hurting my youngest sons love of being on the water. I’ve been a member of Salt Strong for a year and while its been extremely helpful from an inshore aspect, this fishery is truly unlike almost anywhere else in the country.

    For reference, we live in Thibodaux, fish out of a 14′ Skimmer Skiff and generally fish from Galliano Sulphur Mine down to PAC (Basically the PAC WMA). We occasionally head down to Leeville and Grand Isle which I am hesitant on now because of the debris from Ida and having a small fiberglass skiff. Really looking forward to learning how to break down and read the marsh so I can give my son the fun and meaningful trips he deserves. May even decide to make your course a bonding experience for the both of us.

    • Yeah, I get a lot of people from the Salt Strong crowd. Salt Strong runs a good business, I’ll give them that. But when they came to Louisiana to fish they had to hire a guide.

      I’d just go to think that if one were a subject matter expert they’d tow their own boat and have an idea as where to cast a line and how to safely get there and back. I’ll leave it at that.

      Where you live has some really good fishing, especially for redfish (year round).

      I’ll tell you right now that debris from Ida is the least of your concerns, as debris has been piling up over the years from one storm or another, and the oil/gas field has seen to it that some real hazards in the form of rock piles and pipelines lay about.

      Here’s a great example: https://www.lafishblog.com/boating-hazard-pointe-aux-chenes/

      These hazards are part of the game and, if you fish long enough, you will eventually hit one. Welcome to inshore fishing.

      But, if you use what’s in this course, especially in the navigation part, you will put off that eventuality for a long time to come.

      The majority of the time I’ve ever hit something that damaged my boat or caused a break down was something that could’ve been avoided if I had just done the homework prescribed in this course.

      Be sure to check out Sight Fishing Mastery School, as you have some really good redfishing close to home in PAC.

      Tight lines!

  • Mqkenneday says:

    Marshal here, moved to Madisonville a couple of years ago, living land locked in Arkansas for a few years prior. Grew up fishing TX gulf coast with my dad, mostly Galveston, Port Aransas, and Port O’Connor areas. Followed LAFB for a while and only recently joined LAFB Elite. Prior to following, I started fishing out of the Tchefuncte, and worked my way east until I found my first LA redfish on the eastern shoreline of Lake Pontchartrain by Fort Pike 4 months later. Lots of grind without much result. Used your recommendation on guides and have give out with Capt. Adam Shields a handful of times since then. Great guy, and have had awesome trips. Now, I typically launch at south shore bait marina, as it seems to be the most versatile and protected spot for my boat closest to home. Hoping to better learn to read trends and conditions, as I began having moderately successful trips solo, but recently lost the groove. Last two trips, I thought I had it planned out right based on patterns and found myself 4 fish from skunked between the two trips hitting 6-8 targeted areas each trip. Not sure what wasn’t right, and hoping to figure it out.

    • Hey Marshal, thanks for introducing yourself.

      I’ll tell you that the area you’re fishing (Pontchartrain/Rigolets/Chef) is definitely one of the more difficult areas to fish and this time of year is certainly tough, and tough for everyone, guides included.

      But, keep at it, don’t give up, keep fishing reports and do your homework and you will figure these fish out.

      It’ll certainly help when the wind stops blowing 20mph+ lol

      Tight lines!

  • Rlpinson1 says:

    Semper Fi, another gunslinger present!

    I’m from Baton Rouge LA and would love to meet sometime. I grew up fishing my entire life in grand isle and with the loss of my camp, I am needing to learn new areas and find new ways of fishing that are just flat out completely different for me. I am jacked to take this course. I also own a veteran operated company here in Baton Rouge called Freedom Services, and I am always happy to support fellow veteran owned small business owners.

    -Robert P.

    • Hey Robert, thanks for introducing yourself. We’ve got a few Marines as well as soldiers, airmen, sailors, etc. here. Good stuff.

      Sorry to hear about your camp, I hope you make a good recovery.

      Grand Isle is really good to fish, especially Port Sulphur to the east and Port Fourchon/Tiimbalier to the west. That really salty water makes for excellent trout fishing during the summer time!

  • Codym8209 says:

    Fellow vet here. I actually served with your dad in the 259th and started working with your brother at MSY about a year ago. Been listening and re-listening to the podcasts for years and finally pulled the trigger on Elite. From Lafayette and moved to Prairieville about a year ago so I’m closer to SE LA fishing now. Ready to soak it all up like a sponge and hopefully quit getting skunked.

    • That’s awesome! Small world. Welcome to LAFB Elite and, especially here inside IF101, be sure to sift through the comments section as there’s good discussion on most lessons.

      That and definitely be sure to take this course first, as everything else builds upon this.

      Lastly, I’ve noticed you’ve got two different emails, so if you have any issues logging in or viewing course content then please be sure to go direct with me at support @ lafbelite dot com

      Thank you!

  • Sean McCarthy says:

    Hi Capt. Devin. I am glad I have found this site. I am looking forward to the courses. I live in Mandeville, but not originally from this area. Up to this point I have mostly been a bass fisherman, I have a lot to learn. Thank You for Your service. Maybe I will see you on the water sometime.

    • Hey Sean, welcome to the site! It’s great to have you here.

      Be sure to use the comments section, as there are always great knowledge bombs in there from other students.

      Tight lines!

  • huntnhound says:

    I’m Blaine from Lafayette, also a veteran(Army). Thank you for your service. My wife and I fish Big Lake mostly and sometimes Vermillion bay & Marsh Island.

    • Hey Blaine, there’s no need to thank me for anything. I’m glad you’re here and hope that what’s laid out here will get you on some great fishing action.

  • 92monarchxl says:

    Metairie, done a lot of offshore fishing but ready to relax and enjoy my bass boat. Specks and reds to feed the family.

  • Larry Perrine says:

    Semper fi, Marine. I’m a Marine Vietnam veteran. Served with Bravo 1/7 10 mi. sw of Danang, 67-68. I live in the Florida panhandle and fish mostly Choctawhatchee Bay and river system. While my water and habitats are different than LA, I hope to gain knowledge and learn techniques that will make me a better speckled trout fisherman. We’ll see!

    • It’s great to have another Marine in here. Welcome!

      You’re spot on, while LAFB Elite does focus on Louisiana, it enjoys students from Texas to Virginia, so please enjoy the content, and don’t forget to check the comments, as there can be some good discussion/knowledge in there as well.

  • dellender says:

    Im Damon Ellender, originally from Carlyss LA, now Sydney Australia, and I enjoyed your youtube so much I wanted to know the secret… I mainly fish Calcasieu Lake/Ship Channel when I am in country, and love your content. Keep it coming.

    • I’m pretty sure your account is the first one with a “.au” address. That’s just nuts!

      Anyway, thanks for joining and welcome to LAFB Elite.

      Be sure to check the comments section, there’s always good knowledge bombs there.

  • This is Johnny Fassbender and I joined your course. I think you’ve really done a great job on explaining in your videos. I’m eager to get deeper into it. Merry Christmas & Happy New Years!!

  • Where were you fishing when you smashed the trout on the top water baits??

  • Doug Wakeland says:

    Hi Captain Devin,

    Thank you for your military service.

    I am retired, recently moved and live in Lacombe, and own a house on the bayou. My wife and I chose this location because of the opportunities to enjoy Lake Pontchartrain and trailer a boat to other locations within 1 – 2 hours. The majority of my fishing experience has been the eastern shore of Maryland and Virginia.

    I have joined LAFB Elite to gain fishing and marsh experience on Lake Pontchartrain and other locations nearby, focusing on trout, redfish and flounder.

    I sold my 18′ Wellcraft before moving and would like your recommendations for a boat that handles the Pontchartrain “chop”, the LA marsh, and is easy to trailer.

    Thank you,

    • Hey Doug, thanks for the kind words and thank you for introducing yourself.

      I’ll tell you that Lacombe is beautiful, great place to retire, and the fishing is good, though not always as good as other places.

      It can be a little slower but that’s mostly due to the fact that there just aren’t as many fish there as places like Chalmette or Hopedale.

      If you haven’t already, you should join LAFB Elite’s private Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2056751381265575/

      Once you do, you should ask the same question regarding choice of boat, and you’ll get plenty more feedback than you’d ever get from me.

      Now, I’ll tell you that what boat you need really depends on your needs, and I don’t know all those.

      So, given the information you have given me, I’d say that a 22-24ft bay boat is what you’d want to deal with Lake Pontchartrain when it gets rough.

      You can certainly run a smaller boat, and I do, but I make a point to pick and choose my days out there based upon the wind.

  • Jarredgage says:

    Looking forward to picking your brain and learning. I was an avid freshwater pond hopper when i was young but i have been out of the game for a while. After starting a family, i realized it was time to develop more “wholesome” hobbies. It amazing how just being out on the water fishing or in the woods hunting can restore inner peace. in 2016 we lost everything to the flood and it killed my hopes of purchasing a boat. my wife suggested i get a kayak as to not totally give up that dream. She said to get whatever kayak i wanted. She didnt know about $3k pedal kayaks. haha. Being in the Baton Rouge area i will have to travel 2-3 hours for any inshore spots. I started in cocodrie with my native titan 13.5 and actually did pretty decent on reds. I finally picked up a 17′ Boston Whaler Montauk in March. I have been out several times from Hopedale to big lake. In all of these trips i have caught a total of 0 reds, 3 trout and a sheepshead. But man i have tore up the hardheads. I have always enjoyed your youtube videos and i’m looking forward to the courses.

    • Hey Jarred, thanks for saying hi.

      You’re definitely in the right spot, just take time to absorb the lesson content, and know that some things will make more sense once you see them on the water.

      So come back and go over the course so that it all really sinks in.

      After that, post inside our Facebook group and ask others what’s going on.

      You’re passionate about pursuing reds and specks, but certainly not the only one having to make a drive to get at ’em.

      So tap the resource of others to really make the most of your time on water.

      Thanks for comment, Jarred!

  • Michael Dugas says:

    Subscribed to your YouTube channel and enjoyed the content there. Became a member today before work. I’ve been shore fishing and kayak fishing in the marshes in Southeast Texas. Upgraded to a Solo skiff which extended my range quite a bit and I would go fishing on a coworkers bay boat as well as wade fishing with him at Sabine lake. I sold the Solo and bought an Avid 21FS and received it last week. Haven’t had a chance to put it on the water due to work and vacation for the kids. Anyways, figured I needed as much help finding fish as I can get and hopefully this will help me fish Sabine lake better especially with my new ride.

    • That Avid is a nice boat and will do everything it is you want it to.

      You’re in the right place, just remember that there’s a lot of information here, so take it in, apply it on the water, come back and more of it will make more sense.

      Always be sure to check the comments section as well, as LAFB Elite has been around for awhile now and some lessons have really good conversations on them.

      Tight lines!

  • John Fontenot says:

    Hi Devin, I’ve watched your videos for about 6 mos now and finally decided to join yr course. I grew up bass fishing here in LA, fished inshore when I lived in FL without much success and have recently started to fish inshore back here in LA, without much success I might add. I debated taking this course because I mainly fish inshore in Big lake and surrounding area and it seems a lot different than where you fish, especially our pea soup water. Anyway I like your presentation, sense of humor and the detailed knowledge you give us so I’m hoping this course helps me improve my fishing success.

    • Hey John, thanks for saying hi.

      I’ll tell you that Big Lake is NOT the only body of water in Louisiana with pea-soup water. All up and down the east and west side of the Mississippi River we see the same water condition.

      We have members from that area, so I encourage you to check the LAFB Elite private Facebook group, but also encourage you to fish places like Dularge and Grand Isle.

      The drive is often worth the effort!

      Be sure to keep fishing reports and follow the process outlined here and you’ll be finding fish on your own.

      Tight lines!

  • Rich Mouret says:

    Capt. Devin,
    I have been following your free youtube material for the past 2 years now. I am from the Lafayette area but my family has had a camp in Grand Isle, La since I was a baby. Just your material on youtube has enhanced my fishing trips and rate of success. I do most of my fishing out of Grand Isle obviously, but also make trips with friends out of cypermort point, and bayou dularge. I look forward to everything elite has to offer, especially material in regards to planning a proper trip given the conditions at hand. Thanks for the content!

    • Hey Rich, thanks for introducing yourself.

      Grand Isle has what’s arguably the best speckled trout action in the state right now, so that’s a good spot to be.

      Also, be sure to check the comments section on each lesson, there could be valuable knowledge bombs in there.

      Thanks for joining LAFB Elite and tight lines!

  • Mike Nolan says:

    Hey Devin,
    I decided to take my fishing more serious and signed up for your course to gain some more knowledge. I just recently moved to Mandeville and am looking to start fishing Lake Ponchartrain and Lake Catherine more. I own some land in Myrtle Groove where I grew up mainly fishing for Reds. Really getting more into Trout fishing and learning the Lakes over here to have more success. Thank you for all the content you put out, and the time that you take to help other anglers. Keep up the amazing work and stay safe on the water.

    • Hey Mike, thanks for signing up. This is the right course to get started in and I encourage you to check the comments section on each lesson because there’s 4+ years of good information in there.

      Tight lines!

  • Fred Trahan says:

    How y’all are! I’ve been dabbling/debating for a couple years and finally joined your course. I’ve fished out of Kayaks (way before it got cool/popular and overcrowded), and caught tons of fish anywhere I went (Chandy Islands to Big Lake). Wife didn’t like that so much, so now I’m own my second bay boat (so she can come along) and mainly/always fish the Dulac area. I’ve nailed the summer trout pattern, but everything else looks like different waters in a bay boat compared to kayak. I’m very intrigued and eager to learn more.

    Thank you for putting this together.

    • Hey Fred, thanks for introducing yourself. I’m glad you’re here and encourage you to always check the comments section on each lesson, just because there could be some great knowledge bombs in there, and to use it whenever you have a question.

      Thanks, Fred!

  • Scott Beelman says:

    Just started this course this week. Nice to meet you all. I grew up in Slidell, graduated Slidell High in ’98. Spent my childhood fishing with my father and grandfather usually out of Pointe A La Hache. Then took a break for about the last 25 years. Thanks to Covid and the extra time on my hands last year I got back into it, then it became obsessive. I love being on the water, I love owning my first boat and I can’t wait to become a better angler. Cheers, Scott

    • “then it became obsessive”

      Our stories of getting into inshore fishing are somewhat similar.

      I also graduated from Slidell High, but in ’03.

      Pointe a la Hache has changed a lot since then, when Mardi Gras Pass broke free in 2011.

      I’m glad you’re here, there’s lots to learn, and hopefully as you go through this you have a few “a ha!” moments of clarity.

      Thanks for being here, and be sure to always check the comments section. Tons of knowledge bombs in there.

      Tight lines, Scott.

  • Reggie Padgett says:

    You are great
    I bass fished 50 years in multiple bass clubs and loved it.
    Went through a 47 year divorce and slowed down on bass fishing a few years ago.
    Met a wonderful girl that saltwater fished as a kid.
    Said she liked salt water fishing and T topps; never heard on a bass boat.
    Sold my Champion 18′ tournament boat and bought a 20′ Skeeter CC with T Top from ex Saint player Rich Mauti.
    Fished south MRGO a couple of times with my bass boat; but CC is definitely way to go.
    Discovered Chalmette wall and overwhelmed with diversity of fish and NO hard head catfish.
    Had many great trips, but last few sucked,
    Hoping to get knowledge to improve catches consistently with your LAFB educational site.
    Retired from the imaging and publishing industry 50 years and very impressed with your presentation and involvement in the industry.

    Involved in photography with Louisiana Photographic Society and welcome the opportunity to assist you in events you participate in.
    Hoping for the opportunity to meet you one day.
    Waiting to hear back from you.

    Reggie Padgett

    • Hey Reggie, thanks for introducing yourself, I am glad you’re here.

      You’re in the right spot, just know that some things will soak in better as your utilize them on the water.

      Please, the comments section anytime.

      Tight lines, Reggie!

  • Joey Niquiporo says:

    Hello everyone! I paid for this membership awhile back but work has prevented me from dedicating time. I’m from Gonzales, LA but I’m currently in PA/OH for the next few years for work. I have a property in a prime location in Hopedale that I call my costal home. Sadly, I don’t get to spend much time there with work. I am horrible at finding fish because I never learned properly. Hoping to fix some of that here. It’d be a shame to own that house and not catch fish!

  • John Peterson says:

    I just bought a new boat for fishing, a shallow draft center console Avid FS 21. It is a beautiful thing to behold as I contemplate my “after 2nd retirement time” at age 72. I want my grandsons to learn fishing. But! I have not seriously marsh fished since 1984. I am looking forward to the courses. Mainly, easy places to get to, like Bay St. Louis, the edges of the Rigolets, Lake St. Catherine. Substantial comments and questions later.

    • Welcome to LAFB Elite, John!

      That’s a nice boat. Where would you be trailering from?

      Please, use the comments section as much as you like, and be sure to check them anyway because often there’s good discussion in them.

  • Kyle Volentine says:

    Hi Devin,
    27 years old and grew up in Baton Rouge. Did 8 years active duty in the Air Force. Been halfway across the world and back. Finally back in good ole Louisiana. Follow you on YouTube and I have learned so much already. After 10 years of saving I was able to buy a 21ft Nautic Star bay boat. I’ve been fishing the lake ponchartrain/borgne area and haven’t had much success. Really looking forward to learning a lot from you!

    • Hey Kyle, thanks for commenting!

      You’re in the right place and I feel that with enough dedication and application of what you learn here you’ll find success.

      Take your time, digest the material, use the comments section accordingly and apply what you learn and you’ll get there.

      Thank you so much

  • Jerry ODell says:

    Hi Devin
    I took up fishing only 10 years ago and I’m 75 y/o. I retired from a hospital in Birmingham and decided to give up golf (I sucked) and try fishing. I do my fishing from a kayak and really enjoy inshore marsh fishing but need some education. That’s why I’m here on your blog. We moved from Bham to Fairhope, Al so I’m very close to creeks, bays, marshes and bayous. Looking forward for some guidance in my new hobby. I’ve some luck with live bait fishing but very little with jigs, plugs and such.

  • Drake Bergens says:

    Slidell High Class of 07. Didn’t grow up fishing but have a 4 year old now and trying to learn the basics so him and I can catch some fish together. Also, my dad moved out to treasure isle a few years back and got a nice boat but we’re still just throwing shrimp under the lights because we don’t catch fish when we get in the boat 😂

    • Hey Drake, thanks for introducing yourself!

      I’ll tell you that you are in the right place, but there’s a lot to learn here, so take it slow and be sure to apply it on the water and that way it will make sense (and you catch fish).

      That and, here in now toward the end of January, the fishing is a little slower, a little tougher. But there are still fish to be had! Just realize that when things begin warming up in spring is when the fishing will really take off.

  • Duncan Kemp says:

    Hey Devin.
    I live in Baton Rouge and have been fishing specks and reds since I was a kid, but I never really learned much outside of guess work and following birds. Glad I stumbled upon your course. By the way, I’m also a former Marine.


    • Thanks for introducing yourself. We have quite a few Marines here!

      This course will get you pointed in the right direction, but understand that from this point on (January 2021) the fishing will become a lot better once the weather warms up.

      There are still fish to be caught, just don’t get discouraged if you’re not smashing them.

  • Chase Ippolito says:

    Hey Devin,
    Nola born and raised, fished all over south LA. Recently bought a boat and started doing my own thing. I’ve signed up so I can more efficient and have more success. Nothing worse than going somewhere thinking you have the tide and wind but coming home with slim pickings. I mainly fish Hopedale/Deli area but I’m always looking for new places to get stuck!

    Keep up the good work! Tight lines See you out there

    • “Always looking for new places to get stuck”

      LOL Me and you both!

      I think you’re in the right place, and right now (January) is a good time to learn. The fishing is good, there are fish to be caught, but I’d rather be inside getting my boat, tackle and equipment ready for spring, when the fishing gets white hot.

      Please, use the comments section to ask any questions or even add your own input.

      Tight lines!

  • james galbraith says:

    Hi Devin
    started watching a bit of your stuff after seeing one of your presentations at a sportsman’s show. i thought the methods you use in selecting a spot were really effective and more in debt than just fishing pilings and bridges like im used to . i fish the Slidell area mostly Lake Catherine the wind and tides change fishing so much over there on what side of the Lake is better it just seems endless when choosing the right spots been waiting to learn how to get better so im not just guessing

    • Hey James, thanks for introducing yourself!

      I’ll tell you that that the Lake Pontchartrain area is a tougher area to fish, mostly due to the lack of marsh that we find everywhere else.

      That and it’s very open and vulnerable to wind.

      This doesn’t mean fish aren’t there year-round, and that there’s no fish to be caught, it just means that you’re going to have to put in that much more time on water.

      But, what you learn here inside LAFB Elite will make that TOW more effective and reduce a lot of time you’ll spend learning the area and get you to the rewarding feeling and satisfaction when you catch fish.

      Glad you’re here. Please, use the comments section at any time!

  • Roy McWhorter says:

    Hey Devin. I’m fairly new to saltwater fishing. Grew up in central Mississippi and have been fishing as long as I can remember. I haven’t had much luck fishing down here but I always enjoy the opportunity to be on the water. I’m hoping to apply what I learn from your course and finally catch some fish worth keeping. I’ve been to Hopedale and Pointe Aux Chene a few times this past year and only caught a handful of fish of legal size.

    • Hey Roy, thanks for introducing yourself! I’m glad you’re here and can assure you that you’re in the right spot. Take time, digest the content, and don’t be afraid to ask questions in the comments section.

      Tight lines!

  • David says:

    Hi Devin
    I’ve been fishing my whole life, but tired of getting skunked more than not and rarely catching a limit ! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. I’m having fun binge – watching the content, but even more excited to put it to good use!
    Hope to see you on the water.

    • Hey David, glad to see you here. Look, fishing will always have that challenging edge to it, but I do believe that there are processes one can follow to overcome those challenges and catch a great box of fish anyway.

      That’s what I have laid out here and, if you’re willing to apply yourself, you will do great things.

      Thanks for commenting, and do not hesitate to use the comments section for anything, or reach out using the contact form.

      Thanks, David!

  • Stanley Harkleroad says:

    Applying your information to the Georgia coast line.

    • Hey Stanley, thanks for the heads up.

      A key difference between Louisiana and Georgia would be tide. Georgia’s tide is literally feet taller than that of Louisiana and occurs more frequently each day.

      So keep that in mind, be sure to enjoy the course content and please use the comments section to clear anything up in regard to what you see in Georgia waters.

      Tight lines!

  • Carl Hill says:

    Hello Devin

    It’s Carl! We fish out of the Bayou Dularge area where we have a old camp. Looking to improve my skills on those “not so easy days”.

    • Hey Carl, thanks for introducing yourself. I love Dularge and have fished out of there a few times but always for redfish. It’s a whole other animal out there. I really love Lake Carencro, though it’s a ride to get out there.

      I have drifted Lake Decade for speckled trout once, but that was coming back from looking for redfish and I thought “what the hell, let’s give this a whack”. Caught a few and it was fun.

      That and the camps along Bayou Dularge are some of the most beautiful camps in Louisiana.

      Anyway, I’m glad you’re here and be sure to use the comments section anytime.

      Tight lines, Carl!

      • Carl Hill says:


        I have looked at Lake Carencro many times on GE but never stopped to fish it. Defiantly looks shallow, good place for sight fishing I guess? I like long boat rides witch usually end up out at Oster Bayou during the early mornings in the summer.

  • Chad Monistere says:

    Hey Devin,

    New member from Ponchatoula! I joined after a good friend of mine and my brother highly recommended it. I must say that what I experienced so far has been great. I am fortunate to work for a company that allows me to take my customers on chartered trips about times a year. But it’s time for me to catch fish on my own the other 46 weeks of the year. Looking forward to learning from you!!

    • Hey Chad, that’s awesome! I’m very glad to hear the good word of mouth, but more glad to hear that you’re ready to tackle this head-on and do something beyond chartered trips.

      Chartered trips are fun, but there’s something about finding and catching the fish yourself that’s far more gratifying.

      I’m glad you’re here and please use the comments section anytime. It really adds to the discussion!

      Tight lines, Chad!

  • Gary SULLIVAN says:

    Hi Devin,
    Brand new member here. I have enjoyed all information I’ve seen you produce (articles, emails, videos) and can certainly see your passion. Thank you very much for your service to our country! I am a veterinarian in Denham Springs and we mostly fish the hopedale and delacroix areas. My wife and kids also enjoy fishing with me which is a blessing to share with them. Hoping to soak in some knowledge here to improve our fish numbers.
    Thank you for your help,

    • Hey Gary, thank you for introducing yourself. I’m glad to have you here and THANK YOU for joining LAFB Elite!

      The fishing is getting good and with the cooler weather you ought to have some great opportunities ahead to fish with your family.

      Please, use the comments section anytime!

      Tight lines!

  • Connor Skipper says:

    Hey Devin,
    My search on the internet for any knowledge on speck fishing led me here, I am from a town called Jasper, Texas and I fished on a little lake called Sam Rayburn my whole life. I moved to South Louisiana because of my dads job in the oil field when I was 14. At first I was sad to leave the only lake that I had patterned to perfection, but then searching around for bass fishing in the Lafayette area I discovered an amazing fish called a Speckled Trout. This led me and my father on a crazy journey through a new fishery we had never seen being the beautiful but at times frustrating Louisiana marsh. We have took our 2000 Champion bass boat through much of Calcasieu bay, Vermillion Bay, and Hopedale marsh. Let me just say it has kicked our ass at times, but the rewards are amazing. We have had five trips where we limited out on reds but and three where we’ve caught over twenty specks. Me and my dad have had to figure out everything ourselves and adapt a new style of fishing. We have been cussed out by supposed “landowners” who claim to own water ways and areas of the marsh that are connected to government owned body’s of waters. Coming from Texas and being that the Only close bay is Vermillion this is a constant problem. On multiple occasions I have had to keep my dad from kicking someone’s ass. Anyway I am excited to join LAFB Elite so that I can speed up the learning process so that I may hopefully one day limit out on specks.
    Thankyou for your service,
    Connor Skipper

    • Hey Connor, thanks for introducing yourself!

      Vermillion Bay and Big Lake can be tough fisheries, and I feel that Hopedale is more forgiving and offers more opportunities (I’ve fished all three).

      Yes, speckled trout are a little different and if you’ve ever fished smallmouth I’d have to say they are more like them rather than largemouth. They tend to proliferate current breaks more than they do structure/cover.

      You’ll see that as you continue in this course.

      Thank you for joining LAFB Elite and if you have any questions please use the comments section. It really adds to the value of the course.

      Tight lines!

  • Matt Roseberry says:

    Hey Devin,
    Cool to get to meet you in person at the Docks, just talking to you for a few minutes along with watching your videos was enough to convince me I gotta get signed up so here I am!
    I grew in Great Falls Va fishing mostly local ponds & lakes for largemouth as a kid then got into fishing smallmouth on the Shenandoah & Potomac rivers as I got older so been hooked on fishing from early on. Enough said , time to get busy with your classes & figure out this in shore fishing thing.
    Appreciate you sharing your wealth of knowledge along with serving our country!

    • Hey Matt, it was great meeting you yesterday. The new GoPro cameras worked great but there’s more video I have to review to be 100% certain.

      The content here in LAFB Elite is good, but there’s a lot of it. Inshore Fishing 101 is a good place to start, so I’m glad to see you commenting here.

      Take it slow, soak it in, apply it all on the water.

      At the end of the day it’s all about getting on a pile of fish, and not adapting to catch a few finicky ones.

      Right now is the best time of year to catch, so good luck and be sure to use the comments section anytime.

  • George Smith says:

    Devin I’ve been hesitant about joining for a long time because I live in northwest LA. In Benton, so I only get to go saltwater fishing about once or twice a year. I go to Hackberry to fish Big Lake and surrounding marsh areas. I finally broke down and joined the LAFB ELITE. Hopefully it pays off the next time I go. Thanks for all you do, George

  • Richard W. Taylor says:

    Hi Devin, looking forward to learning and filling coolers. I’m Rick and also graduated from Slidell High School, way back in 1974. Used to walk out on the tressels to fish Ponchatrain back when the lake was constantly muddy from dredging. Now I keep my boat in Golden Meadow and fish east, south and west of Leeville. Venture out to some of the closer rigs from time to time. Thank you for your service to our country.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Rich.

      It seems like you’re in a good part of the state for fishing, and I think you’ll find what you discover here to be valuable.

      Comment anytime, and thank you for enrolling!

  • Eric Fulcher says:

    Thanks, Devin! I moved to Baton Rouge from Richmond, VA in June 2019, so I’m a newbie to LA! I fished occasionally growing up, mostly just the surf fishing on beach vacation trips with my dad. We did a little fishing here and there in a local reservoir, but I didn’t really start pursuing fishing until I moved here. I’ve been learning how to bass fish, just bank fishing in local BREC parks (and catch more than I would have thought!) and just within the last few weeks started kayak fishing in the marshes at Pointe Aux Chene. My only boat is a kayak! (at least so far!). My main goal now is redfish, which I haven’t caught yet! I’ve caught a couple small speckled trout, but I want to learn to catch more of them as well. I’ve already learned a lot from your page and your videos and I look forward to diving into this course!

    • Hey Eric, it’s great to have you!

      Look, a kayak is all you need, and it gives you the advantage of getting in and out of redfish ponds with ease, as well as being able to launch virtually anywhere.

      Don’t skip videos, you’re here to learn, you never know what small detail can make all the difference.

      Also, fall is coming, and that’s some of the best fishing all year long, and it’s really close to the dock, so your kayak ought to do well.

      Tight lines!

  • Jerry Danos says:

    Devin Jerry Danos Here a little about me. I live in Houma now and I own a camp in Cocodrie. My childhood days was filled with fishing & hunting in Galliano with my grandfather. Then I got married and a job working for an oilfield boat rental company. Where I did not take the time to fish for nearly 38 years. Until I bought the camp in Cocodrie 10 years ago. Now I am retired and I fish with my wife who also loves to fish. We fish the barrier island south of Cocodrie. We fish Lake Barre, (the old Texaco field), Wine Island, Last Island, and Lake Pelto. We mainly fish live bait (live shrimp or minnows). I would like to fish more with plastic. So I joined your LAFB Elite.

    • Hey Jerry, thanks for introducing yourself!

      I’m glad to hear you’re fishing again and am happy to know you’re located in one of the best parts of Louisiana to catch speckled trout right now.

      Plastic? That’s all I use! So you’re in the right place.

      Please, use the comment section at any time.

      Tight lines!

  • Don White says:

    DEVIN Don White. I am new member I live in Pierre-Part I fish mostly in Cocodrie area spend month October in Cocodrie we fish mostly for reds with occasionally trout thrown in. I would like to expand my knowledge of area so glad that I am taking course

  • Marvin Kaufman says:

    GI Beans and GI gravy,
    Gee I wished I’da joint the Navy
    Semper Fidelis.
    Do any wade fishing?

  • Terry Abreo says:

    Devin, I was born and raised in Gramercy, La. been fishing my entire life. Mostly freshwater. Began in shore fishing in 2017. I mostly fish the Lafitte area. Recently ventured out to the Wall where I met you recently. Looking forward to learning more❤️?

    • Hey Terry, thanks for commenting. It was good meeting you out there, too.

      There’s a lot of content here and I mean a LOT.

      What’s key is to take it in and apply it on the water, and understand that as long as you take the time to do that, you will get what you are after.

      Tight lines!

  • Joseph/Mac McGee says:

    Capt.Devin, Want to learn all I can so I can be
    A better speckled trout fisherman! Thanks
    For your help! Mac McGee

  • Peter Brown says:

    Hello Captain Devin! After viewing your posts on YouTube I really enjoying watching you in action. I have been an avid angler for many years, but have had many unproductive fishing trips. I figured that I must be doing something wrong, so I decided to join your course. I am looking forward to learning new techniques from you. I too am a veteran; I serve in the Army Guard.
    Always learning!

    • Hey Peter, thanks for commenting.

      I hear you loud and clear, and you’re definitely in the right place, just take your time to digest what’s here and, and be sure to use the comment section at any time.

      Tight lines!

  • Cheney Stain says:

    I did not grow up fishing. I started fishing in the marsh in my early twenties with a childhood friend and fell in love with fishing in the marsh. I had to quit fishing for about 6 years. I recently inherited a 16ft fiberglass boat from my grandfather that has not been in the water since 2006. I have restored the boat back to workable. I looking to learn more about fishing the Hopedale area so I can build memories with my 6-year-old daughter.

    • Hey Cheney, thanks for joining. You’re in the right place, all you have to do is digest the knowledge that’s here. Plus, the fishing is pretty good right now, so the timing is right. Tight lines and please comment any time.

  • ROBERT Fezekas says:

    Born an DC raised in Chalmette, La.
    I didnt grow up fishing, but I love to fish. My goal is to learn how to catch fish on my own, out of my own boat 21′ Sea Cat, and build memories on the water catching fish with my wife and son who is now 5 years old.

    • Hey Rob, good to have you here and thanks for commenting. You have here the resources needed to reach that goal, which I think is a damn fine one.

      Remember to comment whenever you have a question.

      Tight lines!

  • William Thornton says:

    Hey Devin, first thank you for your service to our country. I am a 60 yr old freshwater fisherman who wants to learn a new trick. I enjoy the challenge of learning a new skill and so this is where I am starting. I have enjoyed your videos on YouTube so I decided to take the nestea plunge and look forward to learning a new craft over the days ahead, Lord willing. I have fished the Hopedale area several times with a guide but I want out of the nest. Like David I look forward to taking your courses.

    • William, thanks for commenting!

      I’m glad you’re here and love the enthusiasm and willingness to fish hard.

      Don’t hesitate to comment on any lesson whatsoever! I look forward to hearing from you again.

      Tight liens, William.

  • David Groner says:

    Hey Devin, I just joined , my camp is on the Falgoust Canal at Bayou Dularge. My passion now days is fishing specs and reds mostly inside, on nice days I might hit the coast, barrier islands. I am intrigued with the red fish tournament circuit and host teams from Florida during the tournament when it is at Dularge. I’d really like to learn better techniques for sight fishing reds , am seriously considering modifying my express boat to see better by adding a center tower . I do business with Prodrive and will put their new prototype surface drive outboards on the boat so that I can go anywhere in the marsh. I’m looking forward to reviewing your courses. thanks. David.

    • Hey David, that’s awesome. I’m familiar with the area and there’s great fishing out that way.

      Redfish tournaments can be fun, and fishing under pressure can be rewarding, but definitely a good way to learn faster.

      It worked for me and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

      Tight lines and be sure to comment anytime!

  • imanalien says:

    Hah! I came up with a better way to say what I wanted to earlier…

    I want to fish the conditions not just a spot.

    Someone has probably said that but that is my hope with LAFB!

    • I was picking up what you were putting down!

      That’s really where you want to be: understanding the big picture and fishing according to that picture, not spots where fish are “supposed” to be.

      That’s why the FTRs are so useful.

      Sure, there are fishing spots in them, but once they’re done being edited, uploaded, etc. those fish may not be there anymore.

      But seeing the planning and judgment calls and everything else is worth its weight in gold.

      It’s like you get to go on multiple charter trips and learn from them.

      Anyway, thanks for commenting and be sure to do so at any time.

  • imanalien says:

    Moved to South Louisiana at 18, have called the Gulf Coast “home” ever since because it is where my heart is.

    I am a father, pastor, hunter and fisher…served in the Army Reserve for 6 yrs. Left the gulf coast at 33 for Illinois (big deer). I bought a lifetime license for LA saltwater before leaving…I haven’t used it until this last weekend (8/10/19), it’s been almost 20 yrs since I fished the coastal marsh.

    I missed fishing LA! My family and I now live in Hattiesburg, MS. Long story short we inherited my father-in-laws 2000 Kenner 18′ CC, with the faux tunnel. I got that itch to fish again, so did my wife (she grew up fishing the gulf around Dauphin Island). I had to do a lot of rehab to the boat and trailer, still in progress but is now fishable!

    We tried around Biloxi but I missed coastal LA and the Rigolets is the same distance as Biloxi. I put out of Rigolets Marina and should have paid more attention to helpful staff but I wanted to push myself and the boat and made it all the way to Biloxi Marsh. I had a blast! Only came back with 1 red (from the train trestle, where they said to try).

    It’s been 20 yrs but I still desire to catch specks and reds AND explore new areas to fish. I don’t want to be dependent on live and dead bait (not opposed to it, just don’t want to be dependent on it).

    I found LAFB when I googled Biloxi Marsh and found your 7-22-19 Long Rocks & Biloxi Marsh report on youtube. I started researching LAFB and you. I was caught by your passion to teach…not “spoon feed”.

    Having said that…I am giving LAFB a go. I want to learn to fish according to the circumstances/environment and not just fish a spot. (I’ll think of a catchier way to say that).

    You invited us to tell you a bit about ourselves…may have a been a “bit” longer than I intended but it made me think through my “expectations”! Thanks!

    • Hey Rob, thanks for commenting.

      I’m very glad to see the enthusiasm, because that’s the fuel to get you to where you want to go.

      The marsh will kick your puppy, it’s inevitable, so keep on trucking when that happens.

      Like I said in my other comment, the people who succeed here are the ones who stick with it.

      There is no better tool for learning inshore fishing, not even guided fishing trips, because everything that’s here cannot be taught in 8 hours.

      It’s impossible.

      You WILL get the results you desire if you use the knowledge that’s here and make the effort to understand it and to apply it on your trips.

      You’re spot on: I dislike spoon feeding. It doesn’t work, but I don’t mind breaking down concepts and going one-on-one in the comments to make the lessons’ point/idea as clear as possible.

      You’re in the right place, just don’t quit.

      Tight lines, Rob

  • Thanks for your service to our country Devin!

  • Cajunsaint1973 says:

    Hi, My name is Steven, just want to say thank you for providing these lessons, I grew up fishing in Lafitte until i was about 20 then I joined the Navy and did 8 years and stopped fishing for the last 25 years. Well I am now itching to get the itch back so I went and bought a 21′ Nautic Star bay boat and just started getting back out. This is my first boat and I live in Slidell now so I have started launching around there and fishing close like the Trestles. I am still trying to use the tactics I used 25 years ago, LOL = Sparkle beetle, cork and piece of shrimp on the hook… I did catch my first red on a gold spoon last week so trying to catch up with the times. I watch your Weekend Fishing Forecast every Thursday and its awesome to learn from you. I am excited and looking forward to many more years of loading up my freezer with Reds and Specks.

    • Thanks for commenting, and I’m glad you’re here.

      Honestly, it sounds like you have the #1 thing needed to find and catch fish 100% on your own, and that’s the passion.

      Glad you’re here and that you introduced yourself.

      Tight lines!

  • Gcofield says:

    Hello all! My name is Gabe, I grew up in Pascagoula, MS and would frequently fish the shore of the gulf and the river areas near Pascagoula. Me and my dad took up fly fishing when I was around 12 and would take trips to Tennessee and fly fish the streams in the mountains which was one of my most memorable experiences growing up. Fast forward a few years and I’m wanting to really get into inshore fishing here in Louisiana. I live in New Orleans and have just bought a little 12’ aluminum boat and am outfitting it and myself with some much needed gear.
    Thank you Devin for running this website, I can’t wait to start getting deep into it and learning everything you have to teach from your many years of experience in these local waters.

    And thank you for your service, good sir.

    • Gabe, it’s very good to have you here!

      It sounds like you’ve been fishing for awhile and across a broad range of experience.

      This is good, but it also sounds like you’re full of energy and ready to tackle the marsh, also very important.

      The boat you described is perfect, and all you need to fish the marsh, especially since it’s lightweight, drafts shallow and looks good being a little muddy and beat up.

      Take your time here, don’t skip over stuff and understand some subject matter material will come better when you’ve put in some time on the water.

      Thanks for your kinds words, Gabe, and be sure to comment any time.

  • Cpbyronnie says:

    Hi. Im Ronnie. I’ve lived in slidell my whole life. I’ve mainly fished Delacroix and the ICW area. Ive been venturing out to Hopedale and Shellbeach in the last couple years.

    • Good fishing in all those areas, though the large amount of river water we’ve had has changed how to fish it.

      Thanks for commenting and I’m glad you’re here. Comment anytime!

  • Jonathan.Will says:

    I have 4 sons. We normally fish in Delacroix but want to learn more a have more fun fishing with my boys.

  • Jim.Wilks says:

    I’m from the Baton Rouge area and fish the Leeville area lately. I’m retired and I’m looking to increase my fishing fun.

  • lemcnutt says:

    Hey Devin. Semper Fi! Native NOLA guy here. During HS years (1980’s) I fished out of Cocodrie, LA, back when trout/reds were so plentiful no real skill was required. After HS, Dad retired and family got a camp in Slidell on Hwy 433 on what we called Salt Bayou (close to the former “Chicken Drop” Bar). Killed ’em regularly using dead bait & Shad Rigs at the Croaker Hole, Hospital Wall & L&N train bridge. Again, didn’t have to be good, just had to be out there! Then Law School, marriage, kids, passing away of my best fishing buddy (Dad), loss of camp, all conspired to keep me mostly off the water for a good while. Anyway, within last 2 years I bought a great old flats skiff (18′ Hewes Redfisher “Lappy”) switched home port from Rigolets to Hopedale and – most importantly – signed up for LAFB Elite. Reason for sharing this biography is to let you know that, not only are your videos/courses invaluable to the beginner &/or novice, they’ve been just as effective at helping this veteran LA fisher to “unlearn” bad/obsolete habits. Honestly, I’ve never enjoyed the sport as much as I do now, as membership to your site has allowed me to fully understand & appreciate everything involved. Thanks a million for what you do and keep up the good work man! LM

    • LMAO I remember the Chicken Drop. I was only a kid then, but my dad and his friends would go and then tell me about it (parts suitable for a kid, anyway).

      I vowed that when I grew up I’d go! But alas, Katrina happened.

      It is very encouraging to get this feedback from you, I do appreciate it.

      I’m getting the vibe you like learning, discovering, exploring…all for the sake of it but also to have fun catching fish along the way.

      Glad you’re here. Thank you, you’ve made LAFB Elite that much more awesome.

      Tight lines!

  • towboater says:

    Hi Devin. Grew up in South Louisiana fished mostly Westbank areas like a lot of other’s down here was displaced from hurricane Katrina and moved back about 6 years ago to Slidell. Came home got a boat and started fishing Shell Beach/ Hopedale area and I live it. Work as a boat pilot been on the water for 38 years this year I just can’t get away from it Love your courses and videos good stuff thanks.

  • royb says:

    Hey Devin, I served 5 yrs. in the Navy. I grew up and married my childhood sweetheart down in St. Bernard Parish. I put in 32 yrs on St. Bernard’s Fire Dept. and retired 01/2003. Loss everything to hurricanes twice, first time 1965 (Betsy) and then 2005 (Katrina). Now live in Covington, La. since 2008. Still go to Delacroix in fall to fish with my brothers.

  • rjbelljr says:

    It’s great to hear you’re a fellow Marine. I PCS’d to the 4th MarDiv HQ in Algiers from CPEN in April of ‘17, and I haven’t caught a decent fish since. I had just gotten good at catching yellow tail on the Pacific in my 25’ cuddly cabin, but I’m lost here.
    I look forward to the series helping me figure out LA inshore fishing.

    • So you’re into fishing?

      Where did you grow up?

      What got you started in fishing?

      • rjbelljr says:

        Yes, fishing is one of the things I’ve always enjoyed.
        I grew up in Memphis. I’ve lived in seven places over the last 20 years. New Orleans has been my favorite. I like that I can be out on the marsh most of the day but be back for a meal at a great restaurant for dinner.
        I got started fishing for bass with minnows and a cork on my dad’s aunt and uncle’s pond.

  • philduf says:

    My name is Phil Dufrene & I fish saltwater out of Cocodrie on east side–Madison Bay, Lake Barre & surrounding marshes. Looking forward to your advice & hope that it helps me in my fishing ventures.

  • DocDoiga says:

    Hey bro! My name is Colby Doiga. I’m a saltwater kayak fisherman and I float anywhere between St. Bernard Parish and Big Lake!
    I did four years as a Combat Medic in the 82nd Airborne Division, and now I’m a support medic in the Louisiana National Guard.
    Happy to be here and ready to learn!

  • Raymond Noel says:

    Hi Devin. My name is Raymond Noel. I am 53 yrs old. I am currently living in Chalmette. I have a 21′ Hydra Sport and like to fish the Hopedale area out of Breton Sound. I find my 2 biggest issues catching fish are the Basics ! and finding the Time. I want to increase the quality of Fishing and hope to find that right here. I look forward to learning from your blog in reference to the Basics and I plan on finding the time leading into this Fall.

  • Ronnie Gibson says:

    Any advice for fishing Dauphin Island, AL? Understand a couple of things: 1) stay out of the wind & 2) find clear water.

    • Hey Ronnie, hope you had a good weekend!

      The majority of my experience is in Louisiana, but look through this course and you’ll find that what applies here does there as well.

      Thanks. Be sure to comment anytime.

  • Ebony Smith says:

    Hello! I’m from Baton Rouge. My father-in-law introduced me to fishing as his daughter because he was addicted and because of that I fell in love!! I understand a good bit, but definitely on an amateur level. I want to be more of an asset to him now that we have a boat. I’ve officially been granted my own tackle box and can’t wait to start using my own knowledge to fish tough spots. We’ve tried boating in lake P with no real luck so far, and we love fishing on the pier in Grand Isle. I’m hoping my knowledge can help shake the bad luck in lake P. Devin, you’re so awesome for the information. Most professionals don’t want to share information with others. Excited to get going!

    • Hey Ebony, glad to see you here!

      (also…sorry for getting back to you so late, but the 4th of july week was a hectic one for me)

      I’ll tell you that Lake Pontchartrain is a seasonal lake, doing best in the spring and especially the fall, conditions withstanding.

      You should really look at fishing Pointe aux Chene, Golden Meadow, Leeville, or even making the drive to Hopedale, Delacroix, etc.

      Either way, you’re in a good place to learn and plan.

      I’m invested in your success, and want you to use this resource, to include the comments section.

      Take time with this, it’s a journey.

      Thanks for enrolling!

  • Dan Rodbell says:

    I grew up in Maryland with a dad that bought me my first push button fishing rod for the father/son fishing day at a local park. We stood in the same spot, and caught a single little bluegill after hours of being clueless, haha. My father’s fishing skills were bupkiss and still are!

    As a teenager I figured out how to catch chain pickerel at a mountain lake but that’s dang near the limit of my skills. I just picked up a fishing kayak to get out on the water (been a New Orleanian since 2006), and am looking forward to a proper education in fishing. My father is a great man, but a fisherman he was not!

    • Very glad you’re here! This is the right place.

      Dan, my #1 goal is for you to catch fish, and that is why I created Inshore Fishing 101.

      But it will be up to you to digest the knowledge here and apply it on the water.

  • Zachary Culbertson says:

    I am from Mobile Alabama and fish Mobile Bay and Mississippi sound. I have enjoyed the podcast content that you have provided and think that you seem to ask the right questions and focus on the right topics with your guests. I like the attitude that you bring to the water and look forward to becoming a better more efficient fisherman!

  • Robert Walker says:

    Capt. Devin, First off, thank you for your service to our country and Godspeed on the success of LAFB! I grew up in the 80’s in Maryland fishing with my uncles in Western PA for trout and inshore with my dad around the Chesapeake Bay area.
    We moved here 5 years ago and I took my boys on a couple trips with Capt. Dudley and fell in love with Lake P and the Louisiana marsh surrounding it…
    I purchased my first boat in my life a couple years ago and fish mainly the East end of Lake P and down the ICW and Lake B.
    Looking forward to your courses and learning more about the marsh. In my two years fishing here, I KNOW I have a lot to learn, especially about navigating the marshes, bayous, and ponds! Take care!

    • Hey Rob, I appreciate your kind words.

      It sounds like inshore fishing has you hooked. lol No pun intended.

      Keep at it. The fishing is good, but it will get better.

      It will get on fire once these rivers go down.

  • Andrew Hubert says:

    I’m from the Westbank, Gretna, LA. I grew up fishing down Lake Hermitage and sometimes Empire with my Dad and Uncle Bubby. I used to fish our back canal for perch and bass. I’ve had some great days. Then while going to college at UNO I was so focused on school and having a part time job on the weekend, I didn’t have time for fishing or hunting. I got back into it after college, and I was like, “man, they don’t bite like they use too!” So I’ve had to relearn. I am now an accountant. And though I dream a lot about being on the water hunting for fish down in Myrtle Groove where I normally go fishing, I do have my finger tips right by the website to learn as much as possible

    • I think a lot of us have had a similar experience.

      Honestly, nothing can substitute time-on-water (TOW), but some things can be learned without launching the boat, and other things can be learned/acquired faster through prior homework.

      What’s inside this course will aid you in getting more out of your TOW, rather than re-inventing the wheel.

      • Andrew Hubertc says:

        Certainly. I a new flat boat My dad and I bought in 2015, 14ft with 20 hp. I may not be able to go too far or too fast but I have had my days in the sun like in the fall/winter and I have had some bummers usually in the summer. I’m kinda skiddish about taking her too too far out. For safety reasons. Like said above, I main stick to Myrtle Groove/Hermitage area. But I just need to adjust my fishing in the area for summer time per what I’m learning.

        • That’s all you need!

          It just changes how and where you fish.

          Trout will become scarce in the marsh once summer hits, but you’ll have PLENTY of reds and bass to go around, especially if you fish the east side of the river.

          Being safe is a no-brainer, and usually easier said than done.

          I just invested in a good auto-inflater and where it and my kill switch whenever the motor is running.

  • Michael Ozay Brown says:

    Hey Devin, I live in New Bern, nc. But I was born in Houma, La. I retired USMC 2006. I will be retiring from the Gov’t next year, so I will have more time on the water.
    I do ok in fishing now but I am missing something to get to the next level. I would like to eventually fish some local tournaments.
    I am looking forward to any way you can help me.

    • Glad to have you here!

      There’s a lotta Marines in here, you’ll notice that in the comments. Strange.

      Anyways, there’s a ton of info here. Do not hesitate to use the comments section to ask me anything.


  • Danny Williams says:

    I live up in the Jackson Ms area and got hooked on inshore fishing. When I start d fishing with guides down in the Venice area. A few years ago, I bought my own boat and habe been trying to learn the Hopedale and Delacroix areas. I get down about once a month and think it’s a great visit area.

  • Gary Smith says:

    Hey Devin i have a great passion for fishing . i live in Barataria across Laffitte and wanting to hone my fishing skills . i find myself not going fishing sometimes because lack of knowledge of tides and how they work

  • Ricardo Perez says:

    Hey bud I hope ur course will help me out I’m from kingsville tx and I been fishing Baffin bay and I know there’s a lot of stuff I need to learn to be more effective on the water

    • Hey Ricardo, thanks for commenting.

      Yeah, Baffin Bay is a little different, but I think you will find what you’re looking for here.

      Just be sure to use the comments section at any time! I’m here for ya.

  • Robert Burke says:

    Before Katrina I owned a local tree service & firewood retail for restaurants , and residential sales. After Katrina I decided to purchase a local neighborhood bar.
    Before I purchased this Bar you would find me land fishing everywhere I heard that there was a hotspot , from the Bonnable boat launch pier, and surroundings. I was eight 8yrs into owning the Bar. All I could think about was how much I missed fishing and getting away from work to enjoy some quiet time. One day I finally said to one of my old fishing buddies. Let’s go to the Bonnable pier for old time sakes. We went out there had a blast. We ran out of beer, and cigarettes, but we still had plenty bait. There I met Jeff for the first time. We started to talk about the bites, and we’ve been catching the fish on. He was having no luck that night with his artificial bait, so I offered him some frozen shrimp. He was more than happy to have some seeing we had a lot. Then I told him help yourself to whatever shrimp you need that I’ll be heading out to get more smokes, and beer. He said man I have plenty beer and a carton of smokes. Take whatever you want. Which was very cool. We got to talking about places we’ve fished and things of that nature, and he asked me if I ever fished out of all these weird names out of hopedale/shell beach area. I said no only the banks. He said I should come with him sometime that it was really beautiful, and something about mule trout , and monster red fish. I said to him I’d like to take you up on that offer. I told him where my bar was. He came and visited the next day. We planned a trip. I’ve been a hopedale/shell beach junkie ever since. We both fish hard, and with this course I’m hoping to understand how to nail limits, and show other enthusiasts like myself how it’s done…
    Thank you for your service Capt. Devin, and also thank you for this course. It’s reasonable, and I hope you do well with it. Your emails from the blog were very good, so I knew the coarse would help me even more. Which it has.

    • I liked reading this, Rob.

      Good story. It captures the essence of fishing, what the “more” part is.

      Be sure to use the comments section anytime you need. I’m here for ya, and we’ll get down to brass tacks.

  • Clarence J. Daigle says:

    I fish saltwater at Grand Isle, below Houma and freshwater catfish on lake Verret.

  • Bryan Peloquin says:

    Like you, I’m a Marine. Commissioned in 91. I intended to go to Iraq enlisted for Desert Storm. Had a degree and ended up in Quantico instead. By August of 91, as I’m sure you know, the whole Iraq deal was over. After TBS and MOS, ended up with 3rd Marines in Hawaii. Did my time and out by 95 with near zero chance of augmentation.

    I’m a professional pilot now. I fly for a division of Acadian Ambulance called Air Med. ALL of my spare time, I’m thinking about speckled trout and redfish. So, I’m looking forward to what you can teach this old devil dog.


    • ’91?!? Don’t date yourself! lol jk

      Yeah, the first Gulf War didn’t last long, but the second one? I think it’s still going…

      I think the pilot move was a good one. Every time I’m catching fish and I think I’m cool, a helicopter or jet flies over to remind me I’m the second coolest guy out there. LOL

      I’m glad you’re here. You’re gonna like it.

  • Joseph McGee says:

    I am a Retired fellow from telephone co. 74 years old. We
    Moved to the Ware River off MobJack Bay off Chesapeake
    Bay eighteen yrs..ago where I have fished since. Thanks for course! Always keep learning and practice makes you better!

  • Keith Brumbaugh says:

    Hi y’all

    I live in the Houston, Texas area. Got into saltwater fishing about 4 years ago in the form of surf casting. Bought a kayak in order to deploy bait farther than my buddies and I could cast to get the big bull reds and sharks. One day I asked myself, why don’t I fish the inshore area of these barrier islands? So I stated using my Kayak to fish the inshore areas.

    For the most part I have no idea what I’m doing or where to go. I did manage a nice red once but otherwise it’s pretty much each trip has been a skunk fest. Mostly I’d just kayak along a shoreline of the bays and cast my lure at anything that made a splash and not have much success. Or paddle through the heart of a small lake and cast every so often without results either. I’ve been watching and reading this course somewhat out of order, I think so far my bigger problems are identifying good areas to go, playing around far too much with tackle (I brought 3 rods rigged different ways and keep switching out lures when something doesn’t work the first few casts), and probably spending too long on spots that don’t hold fish (note that I never knew to target the whole water column or to fan cast though). I want to learn more about the flowing water too (have yet to watch that section).
    Good course so far!

    • Spending too much time in spots is usually what gets anglers.

      As I am sure you have seen, the best way to be certain you are not missing fish is to effectively fish the entire water column.

      Comment anytime!

  • Joe May says:

    Hey I fish the Dularge area I have a boat shed down there and I fish 2-3 times a month.
    Very few times I limit out but also have been skunked! I hate when that happens that the reason I enrolled hopefully I can learn a few thing and fish smarter

    • Glad to see we got the log-in issue sorted. Excellent.

      Thanks for enrolling, Joe. Fall fishing is right around the corner! Fishing is good now, but will only get better as the water temp cools and trout come inside.

      Dularge has been good to anglers and it seems the trout have been pretty thick that way.

      Anyways, I want you to have fun fishing and kick ass, so don’t be afraid to comment or reach out to me at any time. Thanks, Joe!

  • Robert James says:

    Capt. Devin, I am 65 yrs old and moved to Slidell, LA. ( Eden Isles) to be on the water when I retire I want to be a much better angler than I currently am (especially in the Lake Pontchartrain area) and I hope Fishing 101 will bring me to that next level.

    • Hey Robert, I remember chatting with you via email.

      Know that I am 100% here for you and vested in your inshore success.

      Lake P will turn on in the fall. Hopefully this fall will be like last year.

  • Michael Savoie says:

    Semper Fi Brother. Thanks for your service and welcome home. I was in Corps too from 2003-2009. Just like you after the Corps you felt you had a higher purpose, so did I. Check out what we have going on. I started a Veteran nonprofit called Gulf Coast veterans, Inc. We take combat veterans on outdoor adventures and provide service dogs and training. All free of charge to Veterans. It saved my life being able to help others so I know first hand how you feel about being able to teach others a knowledge. I wish you greta success man.

    Semper Fi,
    Cpl. Michael Savoie

    • Michael! Thanks for the kind words.

      Seems like a lot of Marines end up here and on the forum, not sure why. lol

      I checked out your website. Looks pretty cool. I’m glad we have people like yourself helping others. We shouldn’t let our talents/abilities go to waste.

      • Michael Savoie says:

        Very true. I’m taking your course so I can be a better angler. My skills need help. We haven’t been having much success in trips. Mainly because I saw and noticed all the signs you discuss in your course but I didn’t know what I was seeing. Man you have my mind kicking myself but hopefully over time of learning what to look for I’ll be able to show these heroes a better time. Thank you for what you do. Semper Fi.

  • Joe Karle says:

    Capt Devin,

    Still in the MC after 19 years. Never can learn enough about fishing that’s why I’m here. I live in Holly Ridge NC and fish the New River/Topsail NC area which I know you’ve got a clue where that is having heard you mention it on the podcast once. At the end of the day it’s inshore fishing, so I’m pretty sure I can apply the techniques anywhere there is inshore fishing. Without giving you the whole bio. In a nutshell I was raised by a Marine that spent 30 years in the Corps, so I moved around a lot growing up and still do to this day. I recently grew passionate about inshore fishing and particularly speckled trout. Ready to learn as much as I can and pass on the knowledge to my sons, teach them, and have fun. I’m glad you came up with this idea. This is so much better than trying to google info or watch a bunch of you tube videos where you only see a bent rod and a guy-reeling in a fish. Everything that happens before the hook-up is what people want to learn.

    Thanks, Joe

    • I’m familiar with that area, but I am sure it has changed a lot in the last ten years. lol

      Yes, I believe the tactics and techniques are going to be similar. Inshore fishing is inshore fishing, with small differences.

      Joe, I’m glad you’re here. Be sure to use the comment function at any time! Thanks man!

  • Shane says:

    Semper Fi Capt D.

    Marine here ! 2008 – present. MSG tour from 2010-2013. I’m from Thibodaux, LA. Been fishing since I can remember, mostly the Dularge area as well as tons of Bayou Black fresh water. I love what you have going here. Listened to your podcast for the past 2 days straight.

    My family owns Bourgeois Meat Market. After I got out of the MC I came back home to Thibodaux, and now i’m helping my cousin branch out and build up the business. Have you been there or had any of our products? Let me know if you need a pack of jerky to take on your next trip 😉

    175 Sea Chaser / 90 yamaha and ready to learn

  • Jim Walsh says:

    I’m originally from Bogalusa, La grew up fishing the pearl river and the swamp. I moved to Mandeville, La about 7 years ago , where I am a vet tech by trade. I used to only go bass fishing , that was my passion. Until I tried inshore fishing and hung my first big redfish. that was it.I was hooked. I usually either launch at the rigolets or pearlington and fish that area. I don’t even try to fool with lake borne very much as I have a bassboat and I’m not used to “big” water. I can usually find redfish without a problem, but specks can be different story. I here to learn as much as I can. I picked up quite a lot just from LAfishing blog

    • Have you ever fished Lock One? I fished Becky Lake the other day and caught 5 bass around 2lbs each.

      You really need to trailer that boat down to Delacroix. I would launch at Caernarvon, then roll south from there.

      Yes, parts of Delacroix can be shallow. A good deal of that area was devastated by Katrina and the top layer of marsh was literally peeled off in some areas into what is called “marsh wrack”. What was left is shallow water that looks deceivingly navigable.

      But, what I teach in this course will enable you to learn to get around that shallow water and navigate in deeper water.

      Also, my next fiberglass boat would be a bass boat if they’d make a bigger livewell for redfish. Bass boats just have everything I want and are made strictly for fishing. Tons of casting space!

  • Joseph Terranova Jr says:

    Please tell me do I need a boat because I do not have one anymore

    • Joseph, as I explain later in this course in “Do I need a boat?”, you do not need one.

      There is excellent fishing to be had from the side of the road in places like Venice, Leeville and Grand Isle. There are more places and some need a little ferreting out.

      However, Louisiana is the home of affordable boats. Honestly, a small aluminum flatboat with a modest 2-stroke is all you need. A lot of the larger fiberglass bay boats are overkill.

  • Gary Becker says:

    I grew up in Metairie a long long time ago, but my grandfather had a second home in Bay St. Louis where we went to fish. I now live in Diamondhead, MS. and fish out of my 1973 16’7″ Boston Whaler, mostly in the MS sound and the back waters off the Jordan River. I also moderate a Facebook group called the Diamondhead Fishing Club. We get a lot of help from Captain Sonny Schindler of Shore Thing Fishing Charters here on the MS coast.

    • The inshore world is a small one. I just had Sonny Schindler come onto the podcast. It will be a few weeks before his episode goes live though.

      Bay St. Louis is awesome, BTW. I really like Mississippi, Diamondhead, too. On flat calm days you can get across that Sound no problem. I do the same with Lake Borgne from Slidell.

  • Larry Mayard says:

    Capt. I fish Vermillion Bay Area which is so unpredictable at times till one can pattern fish.VB tides are influenced by whatever Achafalia river stages are doing.Tides anything below 10′ and VB clears up.

  • Larry Mayard says:

    Hi Devin I am Larry Mayard from Kaplan ,La.The area I fish most is Vermillion Bay

  • Rick Oster says:

    Devin, thank you for your service and committing a large portion of your life to defending our freedoms. We owe you, and everyone like you, a huge debt of gratitude. Im glad you returned safely to pursue your passion, and thank you for sharing it with us.

    My childhood fishing consisted of sitting on the Lake Pontchartrain seawall with a pound of dead shrimp. I lived close to the lake and would ride my bike or walk there. I would sit there all day catching croaker, catfish and the occasional trout. Now I know that I used to tie a drop-shot rig on my line, but back then, I had no idea what I was doing. No one taught us, we just had a love for it.

    Fast forward 40 years and I moved back to New Orleans after 13 years on the west coast. I bought a kayak, joined BCKFC, started reading the forum, learning as much as possible and asking a million questions. Upgraded from the kayak to a SoloSkiff a year ago and now I have the ability to reach more spots. I fish once a week, almost every week. Ive been listening to your podcasts for a while, but now I’m excited about accelerating that learning curve with “knowledge bombs” all in one place!

    • It’s hard to stay away from fishing, because it offers more than just catching fish. Do it long enough, you learn you were never chasing fish in the first place. You know this.

      I appreciate your kind words, Rick. Thanks for signing up!

  • Stan Junkin says:

    I live in northwest alabama. Always have been intrigued with the gulf and fishing, more inshore than deep. have chartered several times over the years inshore. We are in process of purchasing a vacation home in Dauphin Island and i need to get educated to pass it on to my grandchildren. This sounds like the ticket.

  • Matthew Fandal says:

    Hey Devin, I graduated in ’03 from Covington High School and have family in Slidell as well. My brother is a MSG in the Corps stationed down in Puerto Rico currently, THANKS for your service! Looking forward to the course. . .

    • Matthew, thanks for signing up and saying hi!

      I also graduated from high school in ’03.

      Be sure to reach out using the comments feature if you have any questions. You’re going to be happy with what you learn here in Inshore Fishing 101!

  • Dustin Robinson says:

    I am from Ellisville, Ms, and graduated from Petal high school in 2000. I spent most of my childhood bass fishing and when I met my, now wife, at 16, was introduced to my inshore addiction. My first saltwater fish of significance was a black drum around 35 lbs, and after that I was hooked. Bass just don’t pull that hard!

    I am an Army vet with 17 years in service, and plan on doing 15 more if my body will hold up. I deployed to Iraq in Dec 04, and returned Jan 06 under 2nd marine expeditionary force. My unit is one of two in the Army authorized to wear Marine Corps patches. After returning I was selected for and completed warrant officer candidate school and earned a degree in counterterrorism from the University of Phoenix.

    I have two kids and love sharing time on the water with my family.

    • We were in Iraq at the same time. My first pump was from Sept’ 04 to March ’05.

      Small world, isn’t it?

      Be sure to use the comment function if you need clarification on anything. I want you to come away from this course ready to kick butt and put fish in the boat!

  • Earl Prestenbach says:

    I grew up in Houma La I went to HLB went to work in the oil field in 1978 and still in it I work 7 days on & 7 days off so I fish when I can when weather permits. I have a 13 year old grandson and a 6 year old grand dauther who love to fish and they look to me to teach they.

  • Gary Suckow says:

    From Palatka Fl and graduated 1974 from Palatka Central High School. Two weeks after graduating I joined the Army as an Light Infantrymen. After 28 1/2 years of Army adventure seeing the world, both good and bad places I decided to retired after achieving the rank of Sergeant Major. Now comes fishing and Turkey hunting my pass time. I’m looking to gain some knowledge on fishing the marsh. We are heading there next week so hope to meet everyone I can from the class.

    • Florida is beautiful. I’m actually in Florida right now, fishing reds and trout with a buddy from the Marines. He guides here part time now and we are “cross training” in a way. It’s pretty neat to see how we do things differently, but in a way, a lot of things don’t change.

      Also, infantry MOS’s are where it’s at. I may be biased, though. lol

  • Dave Taylor says:

    I grew up just outside of Louisville, Ky then enlisted in the USAF. After that, work took me to Northern Indiana. After 20 years of cold & snow, my wife & I decided yo move to Louisiana. We’ve now lived in Mandeville for nearly 10 years.
    About 6 years ago I got into kayak fishing, and the first sleigh ride from a red fish had me addicted. I’ve mainly fished the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain from Mandeville to the Rigoletes.
    I’ve just bought a 22′ bay boat to extend my fishing range.

    What brings me here to inshore fishing 101 is the chance meeting we had at the NOLA boat show.
    Your enthusiasm for fishing here is quite contagious. Also appreciate your podcasts.

    • It was cool running into y’all!

      Yeah, I’m not a fan of snow. It think it’s good to experience, but it gets old fast. Props to the guys who can fish in that stuff.

      This summer you will have the opportunity to fish larger bodies of water like Breton Sound when the wind is calm. It is another world out there and won’t be like anything you experienced elsewhere in Louisiana. Highly recommended.

  • Stephen Fetzik says:

    Captain Devin, Even though I live in Kansas, I love to fish. Still learning how to fish up here. Hope to learn some principals to use anywhere I fish. Will be back down in May to fish .

  • Jerry Johnson says:

    Hi, I am Retired Navy and a transplant to the area. After retiring I stayed here due to a job offer. Originally from WI
    I started fishing this area in 2009 when i got my first boat, I have got better over time but still A LOT to learn and I look forward to learning from this course.
    Thank you.

  • Ken Antonucci says:

    Great to know we have a few things in common. I also am a former Marine that, after attending Ft Walton Beach High School, joined the Marines and spent my 18th birthday in boot camp at Paris Island. (many years ago) Semper Fi brother! Looking forward to this course.