What can you expect from this course?

When you are done with this course you will have these things:


  • understanding of the marsh and how it behaves
  • knowledge needed to successfully fish the marsh
  • you will know what equipment and tackle you need
  • what to do when you don’t catch fish
  • and more!

Hard Skills

  • how to find great fishing spots
  • how to safely navigate to those fishing spots
  • tie fishing knots that matter
  • create tackle from scratch
  • effectively fish locations
  • and more!

Additionally, you will have:

  • confidence
  • expertise
  • fulfillment
  • a HUGE smile at the end of each fishing trip
  • a new addiction (sorry about that 🙂 )

What you WON’T be getting from this course

  • a lot of stuff that doesn’t make sense
  • fishing spots everyone fishes anyways
  • lack of support from your instructor
  • an instructor who doesn’t fish the same way you do

Of course, I am always striving to make this course better.

So if you have a suggestion or feel something should be added please let me know in the comments section!

  • Chase Holmes says:

    I am from Carriere ms. I 90 percent of the time launch from Pass Christian Md and run across ms sound to the Biloxi marsh. When the sound is to rough I fish the Delacroix area. Have fished the marsh all of my lifE. I bought my own boat last year. I have had moderate success over the past year. I am looking forward to the course and learning a ton!d

    • Hey Chase, thanks for commenting.

      I think you’ll learn a ton here, and the best thing you can do is take your time and apply this knowledge on the water.

      So many people have had positive results when they’ve done that.

      Comment anytime. Never hesitate!

  • Richard Joshua Ballard says:

    I’m from Kentwood La. and it’s about a 2 hr drive to Slidell pulling my boat. My wife and I like the Rigolets marina to launch from. We’ve had a couple of good trips, but lack the knowledge to feel confident on any direction we decide to go. I’ve been hesitant to sign up, but I check the LA Fishing blog, just about everyday. And it seems that if anyone would have the knowledge of the area, it would be you. We’ve done our best on the Lake Borgne side of the Marsh, but still not confident enough to venture into the Marsh. We work out of state most of the year, so we would like to make the most of our fishing trips , when we do get to come home. Which is Summer or Winter, mostly. I just get to see all of the great Spring and Fall fishing on the LA Fishing Blog and Louisiana Fishing reports. Thanks for creating the course.

    • That drive from Kentwood is a friggin’ road trip! lol I drove there to pick up a mate to help out in the flood and it was a long one.

      Anyways, I appreciate you purchasing the course! Just like I told Jesse below, I am here for YOU. I want you to catch fish and kick ass. The content in this course will get you there and don’t surprised when you experience those “ah ha!” moments as you progress through it.

      Do not hesitate to comment if something doesn’t click. It can be anything. If you think something can be added or improved I want to know. I have been making new/updated videos specifically because of student feedback.

      Also, the summer and winter seasons are great times to fish as well. Don’t let seasonal timing discourage your fishing trips.

      • Richard Joshua Ballard says:

        I blew through the course in 2 days. I had bits and pieces of information, but the specifics were always left out. Right now, I’m trying to decide whether to go with Lowrance or Simrad. I actually have a charter booked for my wife and I, tomorrow to fish around Catalina island, CA, in the morning. Chasing Yellowtail. But I’ll be working out here for another month. So I’ll have plenty time to chart courses for when I get home. THOROUGHLY ENJOYED THE COURT! Ready for the next one. Thanks!

        • I’m glad to hear it! Music to my ears! I feel like I got something done. I know you’re out of town, but when the time nears for you to go fishing at home, be sure to hit us up and LAFR and get some pointers on what’s going on.

          FWIW, I use a SIMRAD Go5 XSE and am happy with it. It’s a touchscreen, easy to use and intuitive.

  • Jesse says:

    Looking forward to the course, went out with my son this weekend out of Sweetwater Marina and got skunked so my son says we need to take a class to learn. Being from Texas and here in the New Orleans area the last 2 years a finally buying a Carolina Skiff , this is the last piece of the puzzle for us …..

    • Jesse, what part of Texas are you from? Did you fish reds and specks there at all?

      Understand that I am here for you. If you have any questions at all just comment here. Don’t forget to check out LAFR. Just search for Louisiana Fishing Reports on Google or refer to the resources section towards the end of this course.

      I want to succeed and kick ass. If something isn’t clicking or you keep getting skunked, YOU LET ME KNOW!

  • Ray Derrickson says:

    Thank you as well for your service Captain Deviin. My oldest son will be comisssioned. Into the US Navy this summer and we are very proud of him as well. I am excited to get started with your course. I fish mostly in Venice but our family was seriously effected by the August flood and I have been, like so many others, spending every spare minute of my time rebuilding. Hopefully by years end. Life will be back to normal, but this will get me closer to what i miss so much!

    • Ray, I appreciate your kind words! I also experienced that flood first-hand and it was no joke. I’m sorry you had to deal with that, no one deserves that.

      Get your fix for now, but hit the water as soon as you can!

  • Charles Moore says:

    Capt. Devin. First, thanks for your service. I have a place in Bay St. Louis and fish the Biloxi Marsh and surrounding areas with my wife and several other couples routinely. We fish out of a 24ft Nautic Star bay boat. When the winds are kicking we will often trailer over to Shell Beach and fish from there. I have been fishing inshore for over thirty years and am looking forward to taking this course and enhancing my fishing skills even more. Thanks for putting this together.

  • Francis l Meche says:

    I am 70 years old (wow, how’d I get that old so fast) and raised in Arabi (St Bernard) as many of your followers. I purchased a 17′ Triumph with a 70 HP Yamaha about 2 1/2 yrs ago and have fished Lake P around Causeway, Lacombe and later moved on to Rigolets and Lake Borgne and Saint Catherine. I enjoyed all and later purchased a condo off Chef Hwy (next to Yellow store), fished off Chef Pass area, ICW and into Bayou Bienvenue area for a year until I sold my condo. I most recently purchased another camp off Carr Dr (Evella Dr)Slidell, off Lake Pont. and wind permitted have run out to my many old spots to fish in Rigolets but trying to learn to fish the all famous Trestles. I’ve come to find out this is a very special kind of fishing so I hope u can educate me of Trestles and other true marsh fishing with I really enjoy. Looking forward to a fishing education to minimize my fun but poor fishing trips and one day limiting out. My only time limiting was red fishing so trout and reds r high on my list.

    • Francis, I hope I am still fishing when I am 70!

      As for the Trestles, they can be a little tougher to fish, but they turn on during the spring and fall. Live bait is the key, using artificial is definitely productive but can be tougher to do. I prefer the west side of the Trestles, especially on a rising tide.

  • Rory Stephens says:

    South Texas. Laguna Madre from Port Aransas to Port Mansfield. Hoping this is applicable to the area.

  • James A. Barnes says:

    Been fishing most of my 46 years, but started inshore fishing 10 years ago when a friend and co worker took me to the marsh. I’ve been hooked ever since. Thanks for putting this course together!


  • Matt Williamson says:

    Hi Devin,

    I grew up fishing with my Grandfather in Cocodrie. My Dad, brother, & I just picked up a new 24′ Pathfinder and plan to fish Hopedale & Shell Beach.

    Looking forward to the course. Thanks for putting this together and more importantly, thank you for your service !


    • I appreciate your kind words.

      You won’t have any problems fishing the outside this summer in a 24′ Pathfinder. I used to run a 2200V and it was awesome.

      Hit me up if you need anything.

  • Cody Cohoon says:

    Hi Devin,

    Looking forward to the course. I’m not new to fishing but looking to sharpen my skills down in the marsh. Been fishing for years, mainly bass fishing and making a few trips per year to Venice or Delacroix. My brother and I bought a bay boat about 2 years ago and have been making trips to Delacroix and Hopedale every few months when we can get away from work. We have also been able to get in a few trips to Toledo Bend.
    But I am really wanting to sharpen my skills in Delacroix, Hopedale, Leeville/Grand Isle areas. I want to learn the marsh and learn how to react to what Mother Nature throws at me on any given day and still be able to find fish. I’m excited about completing the course and using the learnings on the water.

    Thank you for offering the information you have learned over the years.

    • ” I want to learn the marsh and learn how to react to what Mother Nature throws at me on any given day and still be able to find fish.”

      I love that and that is what it is all about for me. Showing up the dock and just rolling out, fishing whatever is at hand and enjoying myself.

      What I teach in this course will get you there. Tight lines, Cody.

  • William Reinecke says:

    Been waiting to take this course for months. Thankfully it is pay day and I get to sign up. Live in Metairie and fish Shell Beach almost exclusively for now.

  • Jody Fahrig says:

    Hi Devin,

    While I’m not new to fishing, I am a new fishing boat owner and just getting started again. I’m from St. Charles Parish and typically fish in the Grand Isle area. I grew up mostly bass fishing in Northwestern Louisiana (Toledo Bend, Caddo Lake). I’m excited about the course and can’t wait to go fishing again!

    • I love bass fishing and tried to get to Toledo Bend for the spawn but was unable to.

      Grand Isle has good fishing and that area should be heating up right about now.

      Lemme know if you have any questions!

  • Jacob Billiot says:

    When is this going to be available again for enrollment?

  • Brandon Juneau says:

    How’s it going Dev? I live in Gretna, LA and I usually fish Myrtle Grove. Just got into freshwater fishing this past year so sometimes I’ll go fish the Bayou Segnette area also.

    • Bayou Segnette is gorgeous. I have been all around that area, from the bayou to Westwego Canal across Cataouatche back to Marcello Canal.

      There is a good deal of blackwater back in Devil’s elbow and beyond in those canals. I think Yankee Pond can be good for throwing frogs, never tried it though, just looked at it a lot. lol I have occasionally seen redfish in there as well.

      I don’t know if the bass fishing has gotten any better, but I know it used to be really good. Honestly, I like to fish freshwater/light brackish areas like Bayou Segnette because I can get out of the wind and try something new.

      I love bass fishing. I bass fish to hone new skills and bring them to the inshore world.

      • Brandon Juneau says:

        Absolutely, Segnette is one of the most beautiful places I have fished in. About the bass fishing, I’m still relatively new to it so some days I find the bass and some not so much. I totally agree though, learning how to use bass fishing techniques actually helps when fishing for trout. One thing that has changed for me is that now I prefer to use artificial lures over live shrimp when fishing for trout.

        • Yeah, I hear you! I am all about artificial. I just wanna launch the boat and go. I started off with live bait and mastered it, but I believe that any angler will eventually prefer artificial.

          The range of presentations are more expansive and diverse. Also, the trips stop being about reeling in fish but meeting and overcoming new challenges.

          For example, I was fishing in Lake P today and the live-bait guys were smoking the bricks off me. I had 15-20 trout in the boat and they had their limit of 50-75 already. I had to make some adjustments before I finally started hammering them.

          *adjustments like less jigging, using Gulp in dirty water, then finding and fishing clean water*

          But if I ever took out some friends and family and really wanted them to catch I would definitely set them up with an Inshore Rig and some live shrimp!

  • Cesar David Arriaza says:

    I live on the Northshore and usually fish rigolettes and lake Borgne area. When my dad would take me fishing I honestly didn’t know what body of water I was fishing all I knew was we got up early.

  • Eric Hebert says:

    I grew up fishing bass down on Belle River and the spillway in Morgan City. I now live in Slidell and plan to get my boat later this year. Since I’m new to salt water, I thought I’d learn from someone with experience. Excited to see where it takes me and hope to come back with many full ice chests!

    • If you are familiar with bass fishing then inshore fishing won’t be a huge adjustment to make. The fish biology (spawning patterns, for example) are different, but I’d say the key difference lies in understanding the marsh and how water is affected by wind and tide.

      • Eric Hebert says:

        My grandfather and uncle used to bring me along so my knowledge for the water and weather isn’t very good. We just threw spinners and cranks and caught every time we went. I look forward to the knowledge this course will bring me so I can locate on my own.

  • Matt Wolkenberg says:

    Live in Alvin, Texas. Most of my fishing is from Freeport to Bolivar. Want to fish Tito’s within a year or two, but mostly fish from a Kayak.

  • Rocky Lumpkin says:

    I live in Purvis, Ms but we fish from Delacroix all the way to Mobile. It has always been hit or miss. I work a rotation job so I don’t have many days of the perfect fishing condition so I go anyway. I fish fresh and saltwater. Excited to learn more about mapping and locating better spots. Like you said we always wind up fishing he same holes

    • I agree that fishing regardless of the conditions is good. You can’t be a fair weather fisherman and expect to crush ’em every time.

      Welcome to the course, and be sure to use the comment function if you have any questions or seek clarification.

  • Dustin Robinson says:

    Hey Devin, just got done with this video. I’m from Hattiesburg, Ms. We have a camp in bay saint Louis. I fish everywhere from the bay all the way to 9 mile area of the marsh. I look forward to learning from you! Thanks, Dustin

    • The Biloxi Marsh has been productive lately here in March 2017. The east Biloxi marsh is fun to fish. Tidelines galore out there.

      Be sure to use the comment function if you have any questions!

  • Jon Miller says:

    Jon Miller, moved to south Louisiana from North East Louisiana almost a year and a half ago and have become completely obsessed with fishing the marsh and learning all I can about it! Looking forward to this course and learning!

  • Earl Prestenbach says:

    Hi Devin I live in Houma La . I fish Bayou Dularge , Dulac , Cocadri area ,

  • Nick says:

    Hi Devin, I live in Venetian Isles and want to fish that area. Looking forward to the course.

  • Seth M Johnson says:

    Originally from Eunice, LA. Went to college in Ruston, lived in Lafayette for about a year after that then moved to Houston. Live in Katy, TX now and fish primarily in West Galveston Bay.

  • Gary Suckow says:

    Live in Huntsville Alabama but from Florida. Mostly bass fishing but looking to enjoy with my wife, fishing in the marsh.

  • Anthony Garcia says:

    Captain Devin,
    I have been fishing for a while now and actually just recently completed Captain school. I am a fulltime firefighter in Slidell and hopefully one day will run my own fishing charter. I love reading the LAfishblog and have even made a few posts of my own. I plan on using everything I learn here and the little bit of knowledge I already have to start catching more out of Lafitte where I fish and help me out in the Biloxi Marsh when I go out there and try to tackle that animal. My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE fish to catch is Redfish. I cant wait to see where this course takes me.

    • Very good of you to get your captain’s license. I’m assuming you are getting a six pack license. If that’s the case, make plans to upgrade to a Master’s in the future. It’s just good to have those credentials. It opened up doors for me.

      If you’re at the fire department then you most likely already have your career lined out, but it is pretty cool to drive airboats and stuff lol

  • Carlton E. Bell says:

    I live in Metarie and fish Delacroix mainly.
    I’ve been fishing since age 6 in some way or another but always want to learn more.
    Fishing has been a little harder the last couple of years. So I’m open.

    • Carlton, thanks for posting and welcome to the course. Delacroix is awesome. I watch Sweetwater Marina’s Facebook page to give me an idea how the fishing is down there.

      I have caught money-winning redfish out of Delacroix, love that place!

  • Chris K Lee says:

    Hi Captain Devin!
    I bought my first boat about 6 weeks ago and keep it in a slip between Ycloskey bridge and Hopedale Marina. I have made several trips and managed to catch a few trout each time. And now I’m ready to LEARN how to catch fish and am pumped that you put this course together. By the way, I used the FISH15 promo code and it does not appear that a discount was given. No worries from me, but others may have a problem.

    • Chris, I am glad you’re excited! This may sound crazy, but I’m equally pumped you’re here. I want you to go out and have a good time catching fish and, above all, learning.

      I’m sorry to hear about the code. It had expired. It was only good for a limited time.

      No biggie, email me at [email protected] and I can send you one of our hats!

  • Michael Schweitzer says:

    I live in Metairie. I am most familiar with Reggio. I’ve been to hopedale, delecroix, bayou bienvenue. I’m open to go try anywhere the the area.

  • Don Maille says:

    Enrolled a few weeks ago, hoping to start getting into the lessons. Been dealing with renovations from the August flood. Fished the Delacroix area for the last 20 years, beginning a new adventure by moving my boat to Lake St Catherine Marina and fish out of there.

  • Chad Brouillette says:

    Just enrolled, love fishing been doing it all my life, moved to Slidell in October, on the water!!! Hope to better understand this side the lake so I can take family and friends fishing with success!!!

  • Greg Breedlove says:

    From east to west: West Bay Panama City Beach, Florida; Mobile Delta/West Fowl River/Grand Bay ,Alabama; Bayou Cumbest/Bangs Lake , Mississippi and Delacroix /Port Sulfur, Louisiana.

  • Jerry Johnson says:

    I like to fish Lake St Catherine, Lake Pontchartrain, and Lake Borgne

  • Craig Gullung says:

    I live in Marrero and love fishing out of Lafitte mostly!

  • Anne Baker says:

    I’m from New Orleans. I sadly don’t have a boat as of yet, so I mostly bank fish. I hit lots of places: Grand Isle, Lake Ponchartrain, the Rigolets, Irish Bayou, Myrtle Grove, and many more. If I can get there by truck and foot, I’m there!

    • Anne, what people don’t realize are all the places to bank fish in Louisiana. You didn’t mention Leeville, Grand Isle or Venice, but those are also great locations.

      You can carry so much more stuff in your vehicle, too. If it starts raining, just walk to the car! lol

  • Ken Antonucci says:

    Hey Devin! I live in Mandeville and I usually fish out of Chef Pass, Lake Borne and around Bayou B.. I bought my first boat, a 2005 Skeeter ZX20 Bay, 3 years ago after fishing 2 or 3 times with my buddy and catching the fever. Thank you for this opportunity to learn.

  • Brad Downs says:

    I’m from Baton Rouge and I just put an RV in Leeville.

  • Jimmy D Jones says:

    Hey, Thanks for the program. I’ve been inshore fishing now for 3 ½ years in the Grand Isle to Golden Meadow corridor. LOVING IT! I have a 24′ Purebay Bluewave…Really Love It.
    Thanks again.

  • Michael Bryan Jacobs says:

    Hey Capt. Devin and fellow anglers. I am in North Carolina. and planning trip to fish your awesome fishery in April. Bringing my boat and fishing with a guide for a few days with a couple friends. Looking forward to applying what I learn here to apply to the marshes of North Carolina as well as your marshes on my visit there. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to put this together. I ready to fish smarter.


  • Jeff Lacoste says:

    Thanks for course! Above each module and/or section is a video with text below. Are we missing anything if we just read the text and not view video.

    Jeff Lacoste

  • Chris Rachal says:

    Hey Devin…coming to you from Lafourche Parish…fish mainly out of Cocodrie area and, during the winter months, will sometimes head over to Pointe Aux Chene and further east into Sulfur Mine and Catfish Lake (Golden Meadow). Looking forward to the course. Thanks for putting it together.

  • Rene H Keller III says:

    Lacombe la, lake Pontchartrain, lake borgne, Delacroix.

  • Darren says:

    Darren Crawford

    New Orleans, I like to fish Delacroix, Lake Pontchartrain, and Lake Borgne ,

  • Daniel says:

    Baton rouge. I like to fish where I can drive less and sleep in more. Closer the better.

  • David W Spence says:

    Hey Devin,
    I live in Madisonville on the Northshore. I’m recently retired Army and my new mission is catching fish. I go primarily to the Rigolets/Lake Ponchatrain area. I’ve been to the Marsh once with a neighbor and I’d be very reluctant to try to go there with my little old boat. Anywho, thanks for putting together this course. I’m glad I can help a fellow Vet achieve his dream and hopefully learn a bunch about how its done. Get Some.

    • David, thank you for your service and I appreciate you commenting here!

      How big is your boat?

      Look, I’ve been in some pretty nasty weather in wide open water and I believe it’s good to have a healthy respect for the marsh. However, with proper planning, you’d be surprised how much you can safely fish in a small aluminum boat.

  • Melissa Larson says:

    Hi Devin. Missy from Raceland, Louisiana.