Fluorocarbon line

Jim Jarreau asked 2 months ago

what brand fluorocarbin line do you recommend

2 Answers
Captain Devin Staff answered 2 months ago

Hey Jim, I like to use Seaguar, as they are the originators of fluorocarbon. Invizx is a good like they make.

You can shop them here: https://amzn.to/35PByIf

Thank you!

imanalien answered 2 months ago

I just picked up some Seaguar Invizx and spooled a reel with it so the jury is out for me in using a flouro for a main line. But for leader material the Berkely Vanish in 20lb has been great! I have a spool that is 22+ years old. It doesn’t break the bank and seems to be very durable for leader material. Full disclosure…I stopped fishing in 1999 and picked it back up this year. The Vanish has served me well!