About your boat…

imanalien asked 1 month ago

What year and model is your boat? Draft? Engine HP? Been looking at the Trackers and interested in how they do. I fish around Biloxi Marsh mainly but want to get back into the ponds as well. I like the price point and the features.

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Captain Devin Staff answered 1 month ago

Hey Robbie, my boat is a Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW.

Draft is 12"

150 HP

It’s not the best boat for getting shallow. Bass boats stern squat pretty hard, but I’m able to get shallow enough and fish.

Honestly, you shouldn’t be fishing shallower than 2 feet anyway.

It’s not a bad boat, very economical and a lot of bang for your buck.

If I had to buy it again I would, but remember I got it because it fits my style of fishing.

It’s not a popping cork monger and it does run wet, but it works great for jigging, etc. (you know what I like to do).

Hope that helps.

imanalien answered 1 month ago

Appreciate the info…just doing a little dreaming. I’ve tried catching what your HP was on videos but just couldn’t get it. And none of the info I could pull up list draft. 12" is still less then my 18ft Kenner CC. My issue with it is the front keel touches ground first in the ponds. May have to experiment with lightening the load on the front, shift trolling motor battery to rear. One good thing about the Kenner is it runs pretty dry unless the wind is really up and/or there is big wave action. I like it…just wish it was a little faster. HP is maxed.