• Patrick Callahan says:

    Greetings – I am so excited to be taking this course with my 9 yr old son Patch. We recently moved from Virginia and have really enjoyed getting acclimated to this new and immense fishery. It can be a bit overwhelming at first! Looks like we found the perfect tool to help us along.

    • I’m glad you’ve taken the time to introduce yourself! You’re in the right spot, and I advise you take your time to learn the knowledge and apply it on the water.

      Do not underestimate the importance of navigation! Fish catching is fun, but being able to get from the dock to your fishing spots and back (safely) is key.

      Enjoy, and please use the comments section at any time to ask a question.

  • John says:

    I’m in N.C. Your knowledge should apply here as well.

  • Bryan Peloquin says:

    All right Marine, let’s see what you got. I made a huge investment in inshore fishing from a new Skeeter to all the tackle. But I’m here to pick your brain to learn to catch. The boat is perty n all, but I wanna fill the box every time I launch. So, let’s do this.

    Semper Fi

  • George Oubre says:

    I have never fished for specs or reds. I have always been a fresh water fisherman who enjoys spider rigging for crappie in SE Louisiana. I am wondering if you can spider rig for specks?

    • I understand that concept of spider-rigging and, while I have never done it, it could be done with speckled trout.

      However, the time you’d take to set it up and break it down could keep you from finding a good trout bite if they’re not at your first few spots.

  • Anthony DiVincenti says:

    I’m a total noob, and will be limited to Lake Ponchatrain (mostly south shore). I hear that is a tough place to learn. Are you sure there fish in this lake…haha

    • There definitely are!

      But the Lake is far more seasonal now and is a tough place to fish.

      Your biggest disadvantage is wind. If the wind doesn’t lay down you can’t go into open water without getting beat up.

      But if you were to launch in places that are protected, wind would be less of a limiting factor.

      Here and now in April 2018, Lake P has a lot of river water and an algae bloom, so unless you’re fishing the Trestles and east of there (in the near future), you’re not getting onto a horde of speckled trout or redfish.

  • Kurt Gardere says:

    Happy I join the course. Been fishing my whole life had a lot of good trips and a lot of bad ones. Just bought my 1st boat about a year back so I’ve been busy! Went down to Hopedale this Sunday to the Long Rocks in the MRGO. Spent the whole day out there with only 9 trout in the box. I want to Further my skills to become better and have more successful trips. Let’s face it fishing is not cheap as it once was!


    • Kurt, thanks for enrolling!

      You’re right, fishing can be really expensive. One of my goals with this course is to help you eliminate unneeded expenses and get to the good stuff: catching.

      All you gotta do is digest the content in this course and put your time in on the water.

      And, comment anytime. Thanks, Kurt.

  • David Rush says:

    Hey there Captain!

    Just bought the course today and am excited to get started. I started on the shore with catfish about two years ago, got a canoe for limited range inshore fishing and just bought a solid 18′ bay boat three months ago.

    I’ve pulled in a 30 pound black drums from the shore, a 41″ red in my canoe and am starting to have decent runs in my boat. I’m still lacking that last little leg up to limit my boat, one of my biggest aspirations!

    I look forward to learning from you, your course and the other members eager to do the same.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

    • Welcome to the course, David! Glad you’re here.

      An 18′ bay boat is plenty. Fall fishing is upon us, and once it cools off it will be in full swing.

      Use the comments sections to ask anything.

      Thanks, David!

  • Joe May says:

    I went through this course pretty quick. Just to see the content I am going to go back and take notes and leave comments.
    I went fishing this past weekend and put a few things in play had the best trip all year! I was able to put a pattern together and it made a whole lot of since!
    I have been fishing not fishing smarter! I will be fishing smarter for now on!
    Thanks for the chance to FISH SMARTER!

  • Art Sigur says:

    Hey Capt. Devin,
    Can you post the links to those 2 satellites that show daily images of our area. I saw it in one of your videos and cant find it now.

  • Drew Necaise says:

    Hey Captain Devin,

    Finally bit the bullet and purchased the course. I’m excited to be here. I mainly fish Empire/Buras, but make a handful of trips to hopedale and Lake P each year. I’m looking forward to applying your knowledge to become a better angler.

    One quick clarifying question: if I click through everything and it says that I have “100% complete”, I will still be able to access the course and re-read sections / re-watch videos, correct? Otherwise, I need to slow down and start taking waaaaaay more notes.


    • Yes, you always have access.

      When the course is updated, it is at no extra cost to you.

      You can always come back and review the knowledge after putting time in on the water.

      Thanks, Drew

    • Also, remember that I am vested in your inshore success. I feel like I hear my echo when I say that, because I say it so often (to people who take these courses), but I really am dead serious. Hit me up anytime with any questions/concerns.

  • Chuck Wright says:

    Congrats. Looking forward to expanding my knowledge of this great sport.

  • Milt deReyna says:

    Congrats on pulling this off, Cap. Looking forward to it.

  • Jacob Poulsen says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this 101 course although I’ve read nearly every article you’ve posted, I’m convinced I can learn more from you. Although I live in northeast Fl we have the same goal in mind. Redfish and speckled trout inshore near marshgrass and oysters. You help me feel the pulse of the marsh. I’ve been primarily a live bait fisherman with success. Now I want to be successful with artificials.

    • Jacob, you are absolutely correct. If you have any tips that NE FL anglers use to their advantage and wish to share them here then please do!

      I have always admired Florida anglers because they get results in places with clearer water and more fishing pressure. That and I loooove going to Florida. I was there for iCast last year. Beautiful state!

  • Bobby Perkins says:

    Just retired and started back inshore fishing. Went out of Delacroix back in Nov. Looking forward to many more trips out of Delacroix. Want to learn more about navigation and being safe in the marsh. I have a Ranger Bahia 220 and use Humminbird.

  • Stephen Babcock says:

    This is interesting, cap’t. Audio needs a little help, but I’m eager to see what nuggets I can pull out of here.

  • Anne Baker says:

    I am thrilled to have the opportunity to take this course! I have paid many charter captains for trips and end up asking a hundred questions. Regardless, I have been wishing for someone to put together a “101” fishing class. I have years of my own experience, but learning from a professional will hopefully give me improved results for years to come! Thank you for actually putting this together. Looking forward to getting as much as I can out of it and sharing my opinions on the course with others.

    • Thank you for participating!

      Inshore Fishing 101, for me, is so far the best way for me to promote recreational fishing and conservation. I am really happy with it and I believe it has/will make a positive experience in people’s lives.

  • Jerry Johnson says:

    Thanks for all you do Capt! Looking forward to expanding my knowledge of this great sport.

  • Greg Breedlove says:

    Thanks for responding.I really appreciate the knowledge you share .

  • Greg Breedlove says:

    Also you say that you use the improved clinch not for everything. By that, I assume you mean the three basic types of fishing line – monofilament, fluorocarbon and braid. But I have learned in my bass fishing experience that I have to tie different knots with braid and fluorocarbon. Braid because it tends to slip And the knot comes undone and fluorocarbon because it tends to cut itself and break. I have been taught to use a Palomar knot for braid. Other than the improved clinch , do you have other knots that you recommend for these applications? Or should I just keep trying the improved clinch? Thanks again for your advice.

    • Honestly, I think the whole “braid cuts itself” is a marketing gimmick. My experiences have not shown me that braided line will cut itself. This is using everything from a basic 4-strand to a high-end 8-strand. Here is a video of an upper-slot/bull being flipped into the boat with braid using an Improved Clinch Knot. I did that all. day. long.


      My experience with fluorocarbon is simply not to use crappy fluorocarbon. I use Seaguar. It’s the original and it’s the best, in my humble opinion.

      The Palomor Knot is good and you can’t go wrong with it. I suggest using what works best for you. Some people can tie a Palomar faster/easier than an Improved and vice versa.

      At the end of the day, as long as you tie the knot correctly, wet the line and pull it tight you will be just fine.

  • Greg Breedlove says:

    Went kayak fishing in the Port sulfur area Saturday. The night before I read your fishing 101 Section on knots.I like the natural presentation allowed by a loop not, so I tied a loop knot and lost a really nice nice redfish when the loop knot broke( (at least it did not simply unravel, which I am embarrassed to say has happened to me before…). I switched over to your recommended improved clinch knot and caught a strong 24 inch red.Do you recommend loop knots and, if so, do you have a loop knot that you recommend? Thanks very much.

    • I use loop knots if I need the lure to rotate on the fishing line. Applications include topwater lures for walking the dog and some jigging applications.

      Otherwise I rarely use a loop knot.

      It would be hard for me to attribute a fish bite to a knot (or color, or presentation, etc.) without testing and catching dozens of fish on it.

    • To answer your question, I use a non-slip loop knot.

  • Greg Breedlove says:

    I have enjoyed your website for a while. You have incredibly good information and it has helped me a lot. I primarily kayak fish here in Mobile Alabama but will be in the Louisiana Marsh Saturday I can’t wait to get back over there.

  • They are a Louisiana-based company that stands behind their product. I have been more than happy with my Duce rods and I just ordered a fourth one last week.

    The rod in that video is a medium power, moderate fast action 7′ rod.

  • Stephen Fetzik says:

    Devin I’m all signed up!! Looking forward to learning

  • Michael Schweitzer says:

    I have a boat, poles, and tackle. I just come home empty handed more often than not. I’ve been pretty discouraged and haven’t been out in over a year. I’m hoping your course will help me show my son the joy of filling up the ice chest with specks.

  • Gary Suckow says:

    Thanks Devin, look forward to learning.

  • James A. Wilks Jr says:

    Call me Jim

  • Rocky Lumpkin says:

    Never to late learn

  • Derek Corkran says:

    Hey Devin, Thanks for this course. I fish Big Lake in Calcasieu parish mostly and am really excited about this course. I’ve always fished with an expert fisherman but never really picked his brain for tips and tricks of fishing trout and redfish. I would really like to learn a lot about fishing Big Lake.

    • The knowledge in this course will set you up for success.

      As always, every body of water is unique and poses different challenges, Big Lake is no exception. This is why I recommend reading and posting fishing reports local to your area.

  • Stan Junkin says:

    Thanks for your service….now and in the past.

  • Daniel Dauterive says:

    Glad you opened enrollment back up. I started fishing 2 years ago when I bought a 17.5′ flatboat. I have had to teach myself everything on the fly (mostly through trial and error, and PLENTY YouTube videos). I mostly fish out of Hopedale and have been in quite a rut recently. I’m so glad I found your site. I really appreciate everything you share. Time to learn!

  • Mikey Steen says:

    Hey Captain Devin. I’m glad you just reopened the course and stoked to be apart of this. I think what your doing with your website and this Inshore 101 is brilliant. My family has a camp in Perlington MS. just off the Pearl River. I just picked up an 2011 18ft Mako inshore skiff and really looking forward to using it in that general area. Hopefully I’m in the right starting place. Stoked to be here at this time.

    • Mikey, thanks for signing up and thank you for your kinds words.

      I am familiar with where you are at. Plenty of good fishing. You should be able to sneak out to Half Moon Island and Isle au Pitre on calmer days. Don’t forget Lake Pontchartrain during the spring and fall!

  • Brett Bernheisel says:

    Thanks for opening this course back up. My wife and I are from St. Bernard Parish and I grew up fishing Hopedale, Delacroix and Bayou Bienvenue with my dad and my grandfather. I moved away after Katrina for about 3 years then moved back home but live in Covington now. Bought a 26ft Crevalle last year and have been re-learning Delacroix since the marsh changed so much after Katrina. We just bought a camper to put down next to my father in law’s house in Ycloskey, so now we’ll have a fishing camp and the wife and I can put some serious time in on the water. Really looking to learn to fish the Biloxi Marsh I’ve only fished it maybe 2-3 times but that place looks like Disneyland for fishermen. I’m sure I’m in the right place. Super pumped about this class and we love your podcast btw. Keep up the great work!

    • That’s a big bay boat! You will be able to easily fish the outside in Breton Sound, etc.

      I love the podcast, too! I love it when people tell me they love the podcast! LOL It’s a good thing.

      Thanks for signing up!

  • Greg Touchstone says:

    Thank you for your service and the 101 classes. I bought my first boat last year after being a tag along with friends for years. I will be fishing out of La France this year and looking forward to learning the marsh and how to fish it. Thanks again!

    • Greg, thank you for your kind words! I take it you’re in Mississippi?

      There is a lot of good fishing in the Biloxi marsh (y’all call it the Louisiana marsh) but don’t be scared to head to Lake Pontchartrain when the wind lays down. The spring run for trout is kicking butt and live bait is the ticket.

      • Greg Touchstone says:

        Yes capt., I live in Hattiesburg, but recently got a camp at La France. Snuck out 2 weeks ago, just looking around. Looks like alot to learn with all the freshwater coming out there. Thank goodness I have a good teacher now. ( yes, we all call it Louisiana marsh, don’t know why? ) Thanks again, information is the key to success!

        • No problem, Greg.

          I guess MS boys call is the “Louisiana marsh” so as to differentiate it from any marsh near Biloxi, MS. To me, it has always been the “Biloxi Marsh”

  • Stephen Aucoin says:

    Good morning. i have been reading the blog daily and was excited to see that you opened the course again. I live in Slidell and started fishing again 3 years ago with a kayak. I now have an 18 foot Manatee and have been fishing the rigolets and surrounding marshes. I never had someone who could show me the ropes, and am looking forward to becoming a better fisherman.

  • Francis l Meche says:

    Glad to join in, have been following your emails for some time and look forward to learning and having a fall back for my many questions and not sure where to start so I will simply begin the course……

    • There’s plenty to take in! Thanks for signing up and don’t hesitate to use the comments section. Also, I’d read over the comments even if you don’t have a specific question because the content there is pretty good, too.

  • Larry Mayard says:

    Thanks Devin I finally got course .

  • Jim Walsh says:

    Thanks, I’m here finally.

  • Louis W.Stall says:

    LExcited to get startedeave a comment…

  • Andrew Vignes says:

    My son and I have been listening to your podcasts. Great stuff!

    Looking forward to Fishing 101!

  • Chris Sonnier says:

    Looking forward to the course. I have been fishing the Empire area for about 4 years now and hopefully will learn to “fish smarter!” I really enjoy the podcast as well.

    • Everyone loves the podcast! Makes me wonder if I should have done only the podcast and not the Blog? I dunno. I think I will continue to do both.

      Anyways, welcome to the course, I am glad you’re here!

  • Courtney Duhe says:

    Hey Capt Devin! I am so very excited about this course! We live in Prairieville, which is where I spent weekends during my childhood harassing the little fish in my grandma’s pond. Chris grew up fishing for bass and sac-a-lait in Pointe Coupee parish. We both love to fish (I’m actually a little obsessed) but we have zero experience with inshore. Chris bought a 20′ Xpress bay boat in December and since then we’ve made several trips out of Hopedale, with some instruction from friends who frequently fish there, with varying degrees of success. I have frequently found myself standing there staring at the water, thinking that fishing is a science and there is a method, I just don’t understand it yet. I am so looking forward to being able to translate some of the things that nature is showing me into some successful fishing trips.

    • Awesome! I am glad you’re here!

      Yes, inshore fishing is a little different, and there are some things to get used to, but all of that is outlined in this course.

      Please, anytime you are stuck on something, use the comments section (be sure to read the comments, too!) and ask me anything.

      You can also email me at [email protected] or hit me up on Facebook.

      Have fun with the course!

  • Troy C Racca says:

    Capitan Devin, Thank you first off for your service to our country! We love and respect our Military Vets, always!
    Next, Thank you for doing this! I’ve beat my head on the wall long enough…….watching my poor family eat pork and beans on a Saturday night instead of grilled redfish. What kind of dad and husband am I?
    We are from Youngsville and fish Vermillion Bay. Really looking to forward this course.
    Love the podcasts! Love the Website! Love the fishing reports!
    Commence Knowledge Bombing Sequence! ——-Troy

    • Troy, I’m glad you’re as enthusiastic as I am. I appreciate you.

      Be sure to use the comment feature at anytime to clarify anything at all.

      We will have an entire discussion there if we need to. Whatever it takes to get you on the fish.