• keithbru says:

    Have you tried 360 imaging? https://www.humminbird.com/learn/imaging/360-imaging

    Curious if it’s worth the upgrade over side imaging. Looks less detailed – but it would kind of be like your traditional “radar”

    • The transducer alone runs $900+

      So, not anytime soon. LOL

      I take what I make and dump it right back into LAFB, gotta keep growing, taking names and kicking ass. lol

      The utility of 360 imaging has more to do with knowing where to cast right away, at least as it was explained to my professional competitive bass anglers.

      For them, where they may cast upwards of 2,000+ times in a day, that is money.

      For us, it sure is nice, but I couldn’t justify the cost of it.

      Sonar is great, Keith. No doubt. But it’s just another tool in the toolbox and, if I’ve learned anything, sometimes having too many tools complicates the decision-making process.

      • keithbru says:

        I hear ya! Ya I’m not spending that much on a piece of electronics unless it’s going to pay itself back over time. Maybe if I was doing big money tournaments, but me being a weekend (“month-end” 🙁 warrior sort of rules it out heh. One day though they will be in the same price range as everything else. It’s too new right now I figure.

        • Man, that’s what I think.

          I’d love to know how much it costs these companies to manufacture a unit. The markup has got to be ridiculously high.

          But I thought of something this week, of how valuable SI is, and how it can really put a hurting on fish.

          Maybe the high price point helps the fish out. LOL

  • jcastellucciojr says:

    WHEN would it be advisable to use kHz ranges of 83kHz, 200kHz, 455kHz and 800kHz? Ex: When using Side-Imaging and/or Down-Imaging….???

    • John, keep watching! I answer these questions in the upcoming videos.

      Also, most units use CHIRP, and handle this problem for you, by taking the best of each frequency to make the best image possible.