• Chris Doran says:

    Good evening Devin. I have night fished some of these areas between the bridges and when it’s on it’s off the hook. One problem tho. I have experienced a lot of people who will come out and turn lights off and throw rocks and nuts and bolts at your boat. I’ve never been hit thankfully because I maintain what I thought was a respectful distance. (Anchor way out and cast into the edge of the light) Have you dealt with this? Do you just move on to another place? Stand your ground?

    • Unfortunately, some people are assholes.

      But, in defense of some of them, they’re tired of having anglers breaking line off on their docks, damaging lights, etc.

      By the time they see you, they think of previous bad experiences and some choose to be a douche rather than talk to you like a normal human being.

      So, remember it’s a two way street (I’m just trying to be fair) and when it happens, be the bigger man and go somewhere else.

      That’s what I do.

  • bobwalk0127 says:

    Devin, Just a quick note to say that I really enjoy these documented fishing trips. I absolutely love fishing, but with 3 teenagers, it’s really hard to get out on the water. This helps me with my lack of TOW to zero in when I can go and for that, I thank you! Keep it up buddy, Bob Walker